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    Hardcore PC Gamers

    Hello everyone, I founded this page named, Hardcore PC Gamers on Facebook a while ago. It started getting subscribers lately and it has grown to around 800 fans. We are now dedicated to post stuff that would be of interest of gamers and appreciate their activity on the page. We would like...
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    Used pc components for sale in Delhi

    SOLD OUT! Selling these used components, need money for new upgrade. *I don't have the bill of any of the components. Anyways, the service center doesn't ask for the bill, they just check the product code in case of a warranty claim. -Intel Dual Core E5400 (2.7 ghz) with stock heat sink fan -...
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    [Want to Buy] A used quad core processor

    I need a quad core processor, maybe any one of Phenom II X4's.
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    MSI Cyclone 6850 PE/OC

    I need to buy MSI Cyclone 6850 PE/OC as soon as possible. The problem is, I couldn't find this card in stock at SMC and Cost to Cost. Any idea from where I could get this card? Thanks!
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    X4 960T Black Edition

    I'm planning to buy a 960T Black Edition, what is the best price I can get it for from Nehru Place? Thanks :)
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