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    Which DVD Writer to buy?? Non-SATA

    Hey pals.. Long time and am back on the Digit forums. Well, am upgrading my PC and want to buy a brand new DVD Writer. My PC is a bit old and hence, don't need a SATA one. I had taken a Samsung DVD Writer (Build Sept 2008) but it couldn't read the AVI files on brand new Sony DVDs I burnt...
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    WinRAR files not opening...

    Hey guys... I have got a few .RAR files on my computer.. I have been operating on them from over a year and are password protected.. I last used them on the 1st of Jan perhaps.. Now, I can't open any of them although they have the same password.. Suddenly, none of these files are opening or...
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    FOlders in MOVIE dvds

    Hey I have got some VOB files and want to create a movie dvd.. What is the name of the folder in DVDs containing the VOB files.. Like MPEGAV for movie VCDs.
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    [Reinstall XP] How to save UPDATES downloaded from internet??

    Hello everyone... I need to format my hard disk and reinstall everything... Since, I am on a dial-up connexn, I can't sit again and watch as sooooooo many updates get downloaded AGAIN after I reinstall XP.... How can I save all the updated files in my current OS and again apply them when I...
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    What are .MDF and .MDS files?

    Hi! Can you tell me what these extensions stand for? My friend dowloaded some software which have these extensions (I am almost sure that they are .MDF and .MDS) Plz tell me what to do with them... If they are used to write on to CDs or some form of archives, plz tell me the procedure to work...
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    Alt-Tab key combination NOT WORKING

    Hi! Actually, I have been noticing that I cannot use the Alt-Tab feature to go from one program to another. When I keep them pressed, it keep juggling between the programs open but I cannot change any program... I have WIN XP SP2 with the latest updates (though not updated since last one...
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    [Modem Problem] No dialing.. Please help..

    Hi! Everyone.. Well, I use a SmartLink 56 kbps Fax modem to conect to the internet. Actually, I stay away from home and use it only when I come home.. Nobody uses it in my absence. Few days back I left my PC working fine and no glitches in connecting or nay such stuff with a speed of around...
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    [Help] Win XP not Starting.. pci.sys missing

    Hello everyone Could anyone please help me? OK. Let me explain the situation.. I was working on Win XP Home SP2 (original) and WMP was running in the background.. Suddenly, the computer hanged and the song which was being played stopped on one line which kept repeating and repeating and no...
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    How to run FLV video files?

    Hi! I got a few FLV video files that were embedded in Flash on the net. I saved them from the Temporary Internet Files folder but can't find a right player to run it.. Could you suggest a way out?? Please.... >> Siddhartha
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    [Windows Explorer Prob.] Explorer opens each folder in a new window

    I know on hearing the topic, most of you might suggest going to "Tools" menu and then change settings in "Folder Options" to view folders in same window. I tried both options by clicking each individually and applying settings. But it did not work.. Could anyone have a better answer and...
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    Removing GRUB loader of SuSE 9.1??

    Hi I installed SUSE 9.1 last year. Now I ant to remove it.. i know I need to simply delete the partitions of Linux on Windows, so that Linux is removed.. However, how do I remove the GRUB loader so that Windows directly opens on starting the PC?? >> Siddhartha (http://sidroy.wordpress.com/ )
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    Problem with Themes

    Hi After upating my system to WIN XP SP2 and subsequent updates from the Microsoft websites, I find that I cannot use *.msstyles files to just change the look of my desktop.. Only *.theme files are allowed.. What should I do to use *.msstyles files.. Make sure my system is FULLY UPDATED.. SO, do...
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    How can we post blogs on Wordpress through e-mail??

    Hi I read somewhere that it is possible to directly mail to the Wordpress server and the contents of the mail will be posted on the Wordpress blog.. Could any one tell me how can I do it too?? What settings I need to change in my Wordpress blog: http://sidroy.wordpress.com/ YOu see every time...
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    My system clock is slowing down HELP...

    I am in a big problem.. Plz help.. My system clock is slowing down continuously. What can be the problem?? Well, when I reset it to what the time is and as long as the computer runs the time does not slow down or anything.. But on shutting the PC, when I start it the next day or something it...
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    Is SHAREAZA secure???

    Hi,, I till recently used BitTorrent for downloading torrent files.. Then I installed SHAREAZA because of its looks, skin and interface. Is it secure??? I mean what about viruses, and such other malware?? I have not started using itbut wanted to know how good and authentic it is??
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    Why does DOS Aladdin not work onmy WIN XP SP2??

    Hi I thinkevery body knows about the DOS Aladdin which everyone has played. Its size is approx. 2.5 MB. Anyways, I tried everything from Compatibility to Screen Settings, but it never runs.. :cry: It is OK on a WIN 98.. Why not XP SP2??
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    How to download at 20-30 kbps on 56k dialup connection??

    Hi.. I use 56k BSNL dialup and it gives me speeds on about 46.6 kbps. Now,if I AM DOWNLOADING anything through a DOWNLOAD MANAGER or directly, thru the browser downloader (IE 6 or Mozilla) and even if I am not surfing or even if no other program is using the net while I am online, the max...
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    CD onto computer as virtual drive??

    Hi.. I actually, wanted to ask that I have heard about many programs that copy CDs onto the computer as external drives by taking up the space from the Hard disk. I have a lot of game CDs which I wish to copy onto my computer. Can you suggesst a few programs (preferably, freeware) so that I...
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    DataOne v/s my 56K dial-up

    Hi I want to know whther I should shift 2 broadband. Since BSNL has slashed prices to Rs.250/- per month I am tempted to try it. But since it offers only about 400 MB/month I don't know whether to go that way. Normally, out of my telephone bill, about Rs. 700/- is for the dial-up internet (for...
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    What are Torrents?

    Hello, I don't know if this has been asked before but WHAT ARE TORRENTS? I see many download lnks for Torrents and also programs like BitTorrent. What is it and how is it useful??
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