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    About Cellphones <18K

    I want to buy a new cellphone from Nokia. Can anyone please suggest me a good model which costs less than Rs. 18000? I also wanted to know how much exactly does the Nokia 7710 cost here in India.
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    For *.p65 files

    Is there any software other than Pagemaker available in the market that helps us to read *.p65 files? I need urgent help with this. Small file-size downloads will do.
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    DSP/Effect in Winamp

    Enhancer is the best for Winamp.
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    [Preview + Feedback] Digit December Mega Issue

    Well if the Digit people are going to charge Rs. 50 from regular subscribers, the ony option I'm left with is to point out this fact to a consumer court. Usint the internet, complaints can be filed at CORE. And I'm going to do the same against JDM.
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    Making phonecalls using the computer mic

    Umm, can you explain the process in steps?
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    Making phonecalls using the computer mic

    I have a BSN landline connection which is also linked to a Dataone connection, so I own an external ADSL modem too. Can anyone tell me how to make phone calls from my computer and talk using the mic and the speakers?
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    [Preview + Feedback] Digit November 2005 Magazine

    I havent got my copy yet.
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    [By Demand] November 2005 DVD+CD

    >> Microsoft Vista >> Macromedia Studio 8 (Including Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash) - Legal Beta Version >> Doom III: RoE [Demo] >> Digit CD/DVD Archive for all the issue of the year >> Wallpapers and icons for Matrix, Terminator, Lord of the Rings
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    The best broadband offers available across India

    The new plan shift is a complete jerk's decision. Earlier you paid Rs. 500 for 1 GB and now you pay Rs. 250 for 400 MB? What foolish ministry calculation is this? I thought the half of 1 GB would be 512 MB, to be approximate, it would have been 500 MB. This 100 MB loss came out of no where. And...
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    Saving "SMIL" files on the computer

    Rofl ... I think you didn't get what I had to say ... only Hyper Text Markup Protocol functions for what you have suggested. I have tried everything possible, and I had a bit of success too. In the Real temporary folder on my computer, I was able to locate a file with r1m extension. I am sure...
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    Saving "SMIL" files on the computer

    I went to a site and I saw fiels in SMIL extension, which play only on Real Player, and that too, for listening to the song, I have to connect to the internet all the time. Is there no way I can save that Real Media file onto my computer? Here is what is within the file, its 1.17 KB in size ...
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    [By Demand] July 2005 DVD

    A Linux Special Twin DVD Edition with latest softwares for Linux and updates in necessary.
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    [Preview+Feedback] June 2005 Magazine - Anniversary Issue

    Happy Anniversary! This issue's gonna be really cool. I've still not got my copy and I'm waiting for it. But why is it that everyone gets it before I get my hands on it.
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    [Preview] Digit Magazine - March 2005

    Wallpapers were good too.
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    [Feedback] March 2005 Digit DVD/Digit Magazine

    OK now! The wallpapers and the other visual softwares were good in the CD. One error, you printed the content of the DVD on the CD too. As I don't have a DVD drive, all my DVDs go to the waste box. So no comments on that. The next thing is the magazine, I've got just one thing to say about it...
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    Which game is better.

    Undoubtly, its Unreal Torunament. Cool music and everything so great.
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    NFSUG problem

    > Make sure you don't use a pirated copy of. the game. > Get Direct X's latest version on your PC. NFSUG requires Direct X 9.0a. Or may be your RAM is refusing to load the game files over it. Check your RAM slots and rectify them as required. > Get the video drivers for your Nvidia Geforce...
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    Internet Radio

    Thanks for the information friends!
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    Need Help....Me!

    I am using Opera now. Saw some fast speed, but not the 52 kbps type.
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    More Explorer Help

    Thanks a lot. I will try this now.
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