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    60D or 70D Buying advice

    i'm still unsure about the body .... but for the lens kit... How about this? Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens - 7600 ( wont this one alone be enough for macro...? ( I dunno much ) ) Canon EF 70-200 mm f/4L USM Lens - 56,635 OR Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens - 47K (which do you think is...
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    60D or 70D Buying advice

    Things i'm going to shoot : wildlife (burst mode required... i click a lot of birds) , landscapes, Macro (lots of it), few portraits. Flash photography (mainly for flowers)..., I do the long exposure light trails at times too! strict no no : product photography
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    60D or 70D Buying advice

    Ok guys! i just got a new revised budget. 1.3L for body and lens what do you think is the best possible combo?
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    60D or 70D Buying advice

    this discussion is turning out to be really helpful guys... learning quite a lot! - - - Updated - - - i'll check it out ASAP!
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    60D or 70D Buying advice

    7d m2 is bound to cost a lot more... rumors say it has 61 AF points combined with ISO performance close to 5d m3 =/ + dual digic 5
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    60D or 70D Buying advice

    how much difference does the image processor make?... i understand that the 60D has a digic 4 and the 70d has digic 5+. is the difference notable? About the increase in cross focus points... thats quite a big deal right... It should help in better framing i believe? Also, can someone explain the...
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    60D or 70D Buying advice

    the reason i'm not going for nikon d7100 is because of a) buffer size of canon is much higher. b) i kind of prefer the picture quality of canon. i sometimes feel that the nikon gives slightly more vivid photos. Its a personal opinion ofcourse! there are obviously areas where d7100 beats the...
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    60D or 70D Buying advice

    right you are!.. i'm still doing research.. i've been into photography for almost 7-8 years now and i feel i'm ready for the next level... hence the thought of going for 70D. i do a lot of bird photography... so i guess the buffer size of 70D along with its high burst rate would be useful! i...
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    60D or 70D Buying advice

    Are STM and USM the only 2 types ... cause i saw one without either of them written in description. Also.... do all canon lenses support auto focus? what happens when u compare 60D and 70D in term of value for money?... Is there any camera in between which has better features compared to 60D
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    60D or 70D Buying advice

    I plan on purchasing a new DSLR (my first one) and i'm quite confused between the 60D and the 70D. 60D costs 45K whereas 70D costs 80K . Now my question is... how much of an upgrade is the 70D over the 60D ? Is it worth spending 35K more? what are the major differences? i don't mind spending...
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    Should I trade in an i7 for an A10?

    any dual configuration from AMD is plain hopeless. On paper they might seem good ... but when it comes to performance ... they are pretty useless. Stick to your i7 or extend your budget to buy a Z500/Z510
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    Laptop screen flickering and horizontal lines problem

    had the similar problem with my hp.... just called a random computer guy to come fix it... he opened the lcd pannel and corrected the wires and told me it was good to go.!he took 500.
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    No FULL HD res in i7 4rt gen lenovo z510

    actually... ulv processors are costlier :/ weird right? =/
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    DON'T BUY A ULV CPU THEY SAID, It wont be good for gaming they said....

    man... no offence... but a ulv processor will take a dive if it has to play a cpu intensive game. its clocked only 1.8 and on top of tht... cpus rarely turbo while gaming.. so u'll hit bottleneck right there. take 2 identical gpu and play cpu intensive games with a i5 M series and the other with...
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    Want To Buy Gaming Laptop.... Budget 70k-80K..

    i advise u to wait for 3-4 months... maxwell should be out and it should bring a healthy 30% rise in performance along with it. However, if u cant wait... then go for the Y510p! I assure you, its a beast.
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    Gifting Laptop to brother ! Advice plz

    GET THE Z510 / Z500... only thing tht fits in the budget!
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    The Lenovo Ideapad Y510p Thread

    new replaced battery has a 9.2% wear :/ disgusting i tell u!
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    Dell Inspiron 15 3537:::: worth buying??

    for the cost... awesome lappy.... since it has a strong gpu... you'll face cpu bottlenecking pretty soon... ulv processors are slow
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    The Lenovo Ideapad Y500 Thread

    what i read is that... in the absence of sufficient power... the gpu starts to artifact.
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