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  1. Scott274

    Digital Multimeter Buying Advise.

    Hey guys, lately I have been looking into some basics of electronics and I have set my eyes on repairing an old PC PSU (SMPS) and a motherboard I had lying around. But before that I will have to buy a multimeter and I'm not sure which one I should go for. Looking at the multimeter available...
  2. Scott274

    CRT Monitor Software Degauss !

    I have an 8 years old CRT monitor (Samsung SyncMaster 793s). The problem is I need to degauss the monitor every now and then, but the monitor side panel menu buttons aren't working too well (there is a horseshoe degauss selection there). Now on my old Gigabyte Intel chipset motherboard, I...
  3. Scott274

    Screen Flickering Problem.

    I just upgraded my motherboard, processor and RAM almost a week back. After installing the hardware, initially everything ran ok on a freshly installed windows XP. But as I started using the PC, updating windows etc, I stared noticing a slight flickering of the screen on the right side. This is...
  4. Scott274

    2GB RAM Shows as 1.5GB..

    Yesterday I brought this motherboard, processor & RAM.. Digilite A76ML-K 3.0 (AMD 760G Series) AMD Athlon II X2 250 Processor (3.0GHz, MMX, 3DNow 2 CPUs) 2 GB DDR3 RAM (one stick) In XP, run > dxdiag, it shows.. Memory: 1536 MB RAM (1.5 GB in right-click "My Computer" > Properties >...
  5. Scott274

    New Samsung LED SA300 Tilt & Viewing Angle

    Migrating from a CRT, I just brought this monitor, Samsung LED S19A300N (SA300).. http://www.samsung.com/in/consumer/pc-peripherals-printer/monitor/desktop-monitior/LS19A300NS/XL/index.idx?pagetype=prd_detail Installed the monitor stand & everything as per the instructions in the manual and...
  6. Scott274

    Cheapest Ebook Reader in India

    Which is the cheapest Ebook Reader one can buy in India as of now, october 2011.
  7. Scott274

    Diwali Discounts !

    Do shops in Lamington road offer any discounts during Diwali.. :mrgreen: If yes which ones, I usually only go to Mccanns there. Was thinking of some PC upgrades & wondering if there was any point going there particularly on coming Diwali days. Edit: Went down there on diwali and no there are no...
  8. Scott274

    Samsung LED S19A300N Buy Advise Needed.

    I am thinking of buying this monitor "Samsung LED S19A300N" for Rs.5200/- in Lamington.. http://www.samsung.com/in/consumer/pc-peripherals-printer/monitor/desktop-monitior/LS19A300NS/XL/index.idx?pagetype=prd_detail My motherboard is a bit older model of Gigabyte (8I845GVM-RZ)...
  9. Scott274

    PC Reboots Continuously After DMA Transfer Mode Enabled.

    One day when I started my PC, I got the "corrupt profile error" and windows automatically logged me on to a temporary profile. To resolve this problem I did a repair of my Windows (pressing R in setup) from the XP pro CD I have. This did solve the corrupt profile issue and I could log into my...
  10. Scott274

    Getting PC Sound From CDROM Headphone Jack

    Since long my desktop speakers don't work too properly. So now I am quite used to attaching my headphone to the audio jack at the back of the PC for sound. I also always noticed that my CD-ROM at the front has a headphone jack too. Is it possible to use it to get general PC audio or is that jack...
  11. Scott274

    DVD Burner

    I was thinking about getting a DVD Writer, CD Writers are just not that useful nowadays. So what are the good brands out there now and the prices, warranty etc. My PC has an IDE interface only, no sata ports. Ps: Going to buy from Lamington road Mumbai (McCanns mostly). If anybody knows the...
  12. Scott274

    Connect PC to TV.

    Is there some way I can connect my PC to TV, I have this motherboard.. http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/Motherboard/Products_Overview.aspx?ProductID=1767If yes how, what will I need and the cost etc.
  13. Scott274

    What to do with old Hard Disk !!!

    So last month I had brought a new Seagate hard disk, prepared it and transferred all the data from my old Samsung hard disk (about 4 years old) to it. The reason for buying a new disk was, while working on my PC (old hard disk) sometimes I would hear a faint ticking noise and the the system used...
  14. Scott274

    Hard Disk Partitioning Problem !!

    So I finally brought a Seagate IDE 160GB hard disk since my old Samsung IDE 80GB one was giving me lots of trouble. Just got it installed in my PC cabinet by a technician since I don't know much about the hardware part. Now I will be installing windows (XP) and partitioning rest of the disk...
  15. Scott274

    Buying WD HardDisk - Advise needed.

    Yesterday I went to buy a 160 GB IDE Western Digital Harddisk (internal) in lamington road mumbai (Mccann Infosys). They didn't have any stock at that time so I will be buying on monday instead. My query here is, don't WD internal harddisks come in any original company box cover (with internal...
  16. Scott274

    Home Lubricant For Noisy Cabinet Fan.

    My SMPS and motherboard CPU fans are ok but the third cabinet fan at the back (below SMPS) makes a lot of noise. Can anybody suggest any lubricants which can be found easily in a home. My sewing machine oil just got over. But I have some parachute oil and cooking oil, will any of them do.. And...
  17. Scott274

    PCI Sata Adapter + Sata Drive Advice.

    My motherboard is Gigabyte 81845GVM-RZ with P4 processor has only IDE slots for hard drives. Recently my original 4 year old Samsung IDE drive has been giving me problems and I wanted to buy a new hard disk. But here I am not sure weather I should go for an IDE drive or go for a PCI Sata...
  18. Scott274

    Advise on buying a new Hard Drive.

    My 4 year old 80GB samsung harddisk was slowly going bad. After asking a lot on the net I have almost decided on buying a Seagate IDE harddisk as it was most recommended. Went to my nearest departmental stores PC shop and they told me a Seagate IDE 250GB Harddisk will come for Rs.3100/- and...
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