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    Hard Disk Capacity

    tell your total hard disk capacity. Just for fun guyz. :D answer the poll
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    I am gonna buy AMD 64 3000+ venice with A8N-E and 2*512 Mb DDR 400, leadtek 6600GT 128Mb DDR3,160Gb SATA samsung, 17" Flat CRT monitor, ADSL Usb modem. I may OC the proccy upto 2.2GHz Max. Please suggest me a good and cool looking Cabinet and Power Supply with must not cost me more than...
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    How to connect to computer to share files?

    I have 2 computer in my house, one in ground floor and another in the first floor. I want to connect these two computer to share file. I have 10/100Mbps LAN port on both computers. Please tell me how to setup LAn conncection.
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    Help me to decide

    Hello Computer Gurus PLease help by giving me a configuration for a new computer My budget is 60k(incl.1500 for warranty,etc..) My Usage will be 1. Gaming(like HL2, DOOM3, NFS UG2,Splinter Cell Chaos,etc) 2.internet 3.Image editing(Photoshop) 4.Watching DVD/Videos etc.. The...
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    What motherboard Can i buy for AMD?

    I am going to buy AMD Athlon 64 3200+ and a Leadtek Geforce 6600 PCI-ex(non-GT) version, So please tell me which motherboard will be good for me and the cost must not be more than Rs.7500 for the motherboard.. Also my vendor told to go for leadtek Geforce 6600(non-GT) card which he said cost...
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    Which DVD wirter to buy?

    PLease suggest me a good DVD wirter, my budget is is not more than Rs.4500/-. Tell me a good DVD writer with dual layer. Also tell me what is lightscribe and what is the cost of the DVD-writer with lightscribe.
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    OEM Version

    Can you guyz tell me what is the problem with OEM version of Windows XP Home SP2 if any.
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    Ext. Tv Tuner

    I want to buy a External Tv Tuner Card so that i can watch Tv in the monitor without turning on the Computer. So suggest me a good Ext. Tv Tuner with FM if possible. Also tell me the Advantages and Disadvantages of the ext. Tv Tuner.
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    PCI-ex Graphics Card Solution

    I am buying AMD athlon 64 3500+ , I want a good PCI-ex Gfx Card not more than Rs.6500/- I want only card from Nvidia. So please tell me what card will i get for Rs.6500.
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    What is the price of Microsoft Windows

    Can please let me know the price of Windows XP Pro with SP2.
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    Which one is better MSI RS480M2-IL or Winfast NF4K8MC

    i'll two confog tell me which one is better 1.AMD athlon 64 3500+ MSI RS480M2-IL 2*512 Mb DDR 400 or 2. AMD athlon 64 3500+ Winfast NF4K8MC(without onboard graphics) 2*256 Mb DDR 400 XFX Geforce 6200 128 Mb card Also tell me a good motherboard...
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    Windows X64 need help

    I am buying AMD Athlon 64 3500+ (Socket 939) with ATI® Radeon XPRESS 200P- RX480M2 motherbaord I wish to install Windows Xp 64 bit version Trial What are neccessary things i should look forwad into, What problem will i get.
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    Need the price of the below config*Chennai* Guyz please Help

    I have planned for the following computer Please help me with Price details AMD Athlon 64 3500+ (Socket 939) ATI® Radeon XPRESS 200P- RX480M2 512 Mb DDR 400 Mhz and 1Gb DDR 400MHz Ram 120Gb and 160GB SATA hard disc Zebronics antibiotic 400 watts Cabinet 17 inch CRT flat...
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    info needed

    What processor will i get for Rs.14,000/- based on 64 bit platform. also tell the motherboard with. Also tel me the config of the proccessor
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    Guyz tell me the prices of .............

    AMD athlon 64 3500+ 939pin, itz compatible motherboard with PCI-ex, 512 Mb DDR 2 533MHZ 160GB SATA Hard disc Sony DRU 800A a basic PCI-e graphics card
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    Help needed AMD vs Intel Very Urgent Please Help

    I want to buy a new computer based on 64 bit solution. Please help me out Which one can i buy. Intel or AMD? What is the equalent of intel P4 630 processor in AMD? PLease tell me the price of intel P4 630 and the best equalent of it in AMD? Very urgent [/b]
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