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  1. plsoft

    HDD not detected

    I just bought a new 80 GB Ultra ATA Seagate Barracuda 7200.10. I was going to use it as my primary slave but it is not detected by my system. Not only that, when i plug it in my computer refuses to boot. I tried to use it as primary master also, but still the same result. However, my old HDD...
  2. plsoft

    Windows XP Boot Screen

    My fren just installed the unofficial windows xp sp3. The boot/logon screen and the log off screen are totally different from the default windows xp, and it shows picture of a lady model. Is there any way i can use the default windows xp screens. I have heard that BootSkin from Stardock can do...
  3. plsoft

    Prevent Oracle from Starting itself .

    I recently installed oracle 10g express edition. Since then it has really slowed down my PC during startup (after desktop appears). So i have to manually go to task manager and end the oracle.exe process. Is there any setting or tweak to disable oracle from doing this? I want to run oracle...
  4. plsoft

    Suggest Book on Microprocessor Applications

    I'll get straight to the point. Please suggest a book which covers the following topics: 1. Microprocessor Basics 2. Programming 8085 3. Parallel I/O and interfacing applications 4. Interrupts 5. Programmable Peripheral Devices 6. Serial I/O Data Communication Here are a few books i've...
  5. plsoft

    Grub Problem

    "Kernel Panic-Not syncing:VFS:Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (3,9)" I get this error while booting Mandriva 2006 after trying to change the Grub Splash Image. Please tell me how to revert back to the default splash image, or solve it in other way.
  6. plsoft

    Problem with Mandriva 2006

    I can copy files from windows partition but when i try to write on the partitions it says "Access Denied". Even i can't change the permission properties. Please help.
  7. plsoft

    Please choose b/w these combos

    1. Pentium D 805 + Asus P5RD1-VM or 2. AMD 64 939 3200+ + Asus A8N-VM or Gigabyte K8N51GMF. Both of them wud cost me arnd Rs 8500 I wud b using my system for occasional video editing, surfing n office applications; no gaming. Please suggest which combo shud i go for.
  8. plsoft

    PC for Rs 20,000

    My fren needs a basic system for running Visual Basic. Please suggest a config. 1. With onboard graphics 2. Speaker not required Thnx all in advance
  9. plsoft

    Intel cuts PC-chip prices further

    In terms of markdowns, Intel's Pentium D desktop processor prices were reduced by 18% to 40% for some chips. The price for the most expensive Pentium D was slashed to $316 from $530. The Pentium D line, which uses dual-core technology, was introduced in the spring of 2005. Prices for Intel's...
  10. plsoft

    PDF to DOC

    Which software is best for converting .pdf files to .doc?
  11. plsoft

    Partition new hard disk!!

    Please tell me everything about partitioning a NEW hard disk, from softwares required to the HOW TOs.
  12. plsoft

    Graphic card for AGP 4x?

    Which AGP 4X card wud u recommend for a price of Rs 3k-4k. I know there r only few options, but yur suggestions wud b of gr8 help. I know there is a separate thread for hardware prices but since my query is related to an old hardware i'm posting it here. On top of that, hoping to get a quick...
  13. plsoft

    S-Video for transfer to PC?

    I used to transfer my home videos using Firewire, but now the port in my handycam doesn't work anymore. Sony service centre ppl said it wud cost a lot to repair the port so m now using USB. However, i have an S-Video port in my cam. Can i use this port to transfer my videos to my pc? If i can...
  14. plsoft

    Problem while burning Ubuntu cd's

    Re: Unleash the Power of Ubuntu 6.06!! Its not related to the current discussion but somehow related to Ubuntu. There is always checksum error on my cd whenever i try to install ubuntu 5 or 6, but it doesn't show any prob when i burn it (have used both NTI & Nero Burning ROM). I have burnt...
  15. plsoft

    Why not in a single DVD?

    This month i got the fedora core 5 64 bit which came with a magazine. Was really exited but when i saw the the 6 iso files to be burnt, was really disappointed. Why don't they just make it a single dvd iso file when the number of cd's exceed 2? Its a problem of both cd cost n storage, really...
  16. plsoft

    Software for math!

    Is there any software where math problems can be typed, like matrix, & presented much better other than MS Word. I'm not looking for a software that calculates the problem, but a software that has tools to easily write down the formulas and diagrams better.
  17. plsoft

    Of exe's n dll's

    Could u guys pls tell me the difference (preferably In terms of their attributes) b/w the following file extentions: 1. .exe & .dll files 2. .exe & .com (not the dot com for URL's) files. Thank u all in advance
  18. plsoft

    Help with math !

    I'm not too bright with maths, i wud be really grateful if i could get help with my queries. 1. How to solve (find roots) of cubic equations (ax^3+bx^2+cx+d=0) ? If possible please explain the the whole process without short-cuts. 2. Please explain Rank of a Matrix & how to determine them...
  19. plsoft

    Laptop for 35,000

    First of all, i know there is a separate thread for laptop realated queries. However, i want a quick reply so i'm posting it here. I've a limited budget of 30,000-35,000. Please suggest the best laptop i can get at this price. I require the laptop for basic MS Office application so i don't...
  20. plsoft

    DVD Cover for Hindi Movies!

    Is there any site where we can download DVD cover for Hindi Movies?-something like www.cdcovers.cc for Hollywood movies.
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