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    Copy data from NFS partition to NTFS and vice versa !

    Dear friends, I have SUSE 10 installed on NFS partition on my machine.... I want to copy data from NFS Partition to NTFS partition and vice versa.... Currently when i try to copy data from NFS partition to NTFS partition, i get an error saying " Unable to write to <.. > Can ya suggest ...
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    Suspected BOOT virus, help needed urgently???

    Dear friends, I have a very strange prblm, On boot i get the Message " Keyboard error ". Now i have 2 Boot-loaders, one from Linux and other from Win with 2000 and XP versions. When i load ny of the windows(2000, Xp), i simply cannot type the username and password This is bcoz as when...
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    IP tracing with ORKUT, Possible????

    Dear Friends, 1>Is it possible to Trace Ip from the Scraps in ORkut? 2>I tried to search myself in orkut, couldnt find myself, Same is he case with Few of my other friends, Ny idea for workarounds?
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    Unable to troubleshoot a hard disk crash.

    Dear friends, I had used Automated Os installation cd to install Win xp sp2 in my friends place. I had prepared this cd according to what was given in this months issue, "Take a crack" After doing that My friends 1st drive crashed(it had WIn 98 installed in it) Now that volume is tottaly...
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    Anti-glare glasses for monitor ????

    Dear Friends, I had recently bought anti-glare glass for my monitor, so that my eyes are not strained, i just wanted to know how effective it is?? Attached to the glass is a small wire that sneeks out and i am supposed to ground it, what does that mean? how do i ground it?
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    How do i read .max files without installing 3d max studio???

    Dear friends, i have to read a few a few . MAX files and get their output, but i dont have 3d max studio, can i read them without using 3d max ??? Plz help, its urgent.
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    Create a bmp file editor using VB or VC, How????

    Dear friends, I am looking for codes for the foresaid topic as my exams are near and i dont have time to get this assingment done. Plz help me tnx in advance
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    Win2000 pro booting problem, File missing????

    Dear friends, I am not able to boot from win 2000 pro with service pack 4. i am getting the follwing error \winnt\system32\config\system is missing or corrupt If u do have the file kindly mail me at cooldude_i2k@yahoo.com The file is around 3.23Mb approx. Plz help.
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    LINUX SUSE 10 troubleshoot!!!!!!!

    Dear friends, i am running Foresaid OS and due to frequent powercuts my pc gets teribly affected. actually now i am unable to logon to linux Bootscreen appears and some(usual) configuration takes place and then my pc reboots. I am NEWBIE as far as Linux is concerned how do i solve this...
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    Check disk problem

    Dear friends i am running WIn xp sp2, Due to frequent power cuts my pc gets affected teribly. Now what has happened recently was there is "Disk checking " everytime i log on. i am really frustated with this. Xp is installed on D: drive Disk checking procdure runs for C: and E: All my...
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    Is this true regarding MS windows???

    Any setup, be it windows media player setup or Any service pack or security updates when stored on a RW doesnt work well... How true is dat?????
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    out of frequency range???

    i am getting the foresaid error after i installed linux suse 10. This problem only troubles me when i run linux, however while running windows i dont have this problem Plz help me solve this prblm
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    Photo to VCD conversion, any warez u know, plz suggest?

    Dear friends, i have lots of images which i plan to save in one cd and view it as VCD. i am planning to include background music to it So i tried Nero Vision ver 7, but i was not satisfied with the overall image clarity, images were distorted, i wanna software in which clarity would be...
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    Check out a server's internet speed?????

    Dear friends, i want to download Suse 10 DVD ISO, but my problem is that there are so many servers for downloading it , how would i know which one is better? i tried downloading from ftp.suse.com but the speed it provides is awefull, same is the case with US servers. so i decided to 1st...
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    Digit website problem???????

    My posts are not increasing even when i posted a few more. It is struct at 95 and refrains from moving ahead. PPL concerned kindly look into matter and Fix it ASAP
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    Good website for free Ebooks!!!!!

    Dear friends, i want to know the place where we can get free Ebooks covering topics Personlity develpoment, aptitude improvement, GD's, Techical books, Programming language.
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    How to Download the whole Website with a single click???????

    Dear friends, i wish to download everything from a website without me having to visit each and every link in that website. Is there a way to do it?
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    Disable Search Options from windows

    Dear friends, i wanted to disable search options from my Win Xp Pro, just want to know which option in "SERVICES.MSC" to be disabled, and also i dont want to risk Disabling the Incorrect option. tnz in advance.
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    Windows serial key????

    Dear friends, I want to know whether its is possible to retrive Windows Serial key while running windows Is it possible even if we try to retrive it from Guest account ? No hacking stuff!!!!!! i just want to acquire knowledge about it.
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    Strange problem!!!!!!

    Dear friends, I had recently experienced a strange problem What happens is when i double click any drive, or ny folder, the search command is executed?? i did something fishy with internal settings, also try to undo it, but to no avail. plz help me in this case with the cause and the...
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