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    Windows XP refuses to detect new HDD.

    I just installed a new 40GB HDD, but Windows XP refuses to detect it. It is connected as Primary Slave, and is properly detected in the BIOS. It has not been formatted. Will Partition Magic solev the problem ?
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    I have created this post for all heating problems (as the title suggets) Mods, please make this a Sticky. Well, anyways as most of you know that I am going to buy a new PC, just wanted to find out whether a Water-cooling solution is useful. How do you set one up, and what are the rough...
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    Gaming Configuration

    Dear fellow members, with all your experience and technical expertise please check config I have jotted down and give me some suggestions too. Amd Athlon 64 3000+ ASUS A8N-E Deluxe (NFORCE 4 ULTRA CHIPSET) 160 GB SATA SEAGATE ZION (HYNIX) 512X2 MB XFX nVidia 6600 GT 256 MB...
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    Help !!! FIFA 2005

    I know i cannot post this here, so helpful members plz click below http://img103.exs.cx/img103/4075/a.gif
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    FIFA 2005 : KUDOS TO EA !

    A job well done. That's what one can say to the EA Games Canada development team. Well after a long and impatient wait, I finally got my hands on the game. I got the PC and PS2 versions at the same time ! (Lucky Me). I started the PC installation and in the mean time popped in the PS2 DVD...
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    Warning ! Before you begin please make note that improper flashing can render you motherboard useless ! Flashing is used when new hardware you have purchased is not compatible with your older bios. like for e.g. new memory sticks may not be compatible with older mobo's and u can flash ur bios...
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    UT 2004 Requirements.

    can anyone tell me the minimum requirements for ut2004 to run. i have a onbord geforce2, with 224 mb ram will it do ?
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    Moving Program Files

    i have a lot of programs (by dozen) installed on my default C partition. Is there any way i can move them to another partition safely, without losing saved data, config settings, etc., etc., etc. ?
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    Condition Zero Update

    i was recently at a freinds lan party who owns a cybercafe, and he was showing off his eight pc's loaded with the latest update of condition zero. he said he updated it through steam (which is a nasty 384 MB download)and it took him 1d11hr to do it. now is there anyway i can install that...
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    Weeding out spyware in Imesh

    can anybody help me on how to remove spyware after installing Imesh ?
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    Quickly find all the listening or open ports on you computer

    Usually, if you want to see all the used and listening ports on your computer, you'd use the NETSTAT command. Note: The NETSTAT command will show you whatever ports are open or in use, but it is NOT a port scanning tool! If you want to have your computer scanned for open ports see this page...
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    Unofficial guide to ethical hacking

    I'm looking for the E-Book of "Unofficial guide to ethical hacking " by Ankit Fadia.
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    Uploading Hotmail to Gmail

    OK, I finnaly got a Gmail account. Now i've visited a couple of Gmail sites but i am not able to find a proper tool to upload my hotmail mail to Gmail. I've tried Get Mail but its no good. Any answers ?
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    My Apple G5 experience !

    One fine saturday afternoon, i called on my extremely wealthy geeky freind. (whose personal config is : AMD Athlon 64FX, 4GB ECC DDR RAM, 9800XT, 17" LCD and lots more worth 1.2 lakh !) He told me that is father wanted to buy a PC. In this house money is no issue. He had suggested the P4EE as...
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    Gmail Registration

    Could anyone tell me what is the registration criteria for Gmail. I mean who the hell gets the invitations and how??? there must be some way to register? If anyone has an extra account i would be very thankful if you could give it to me ! Cheers !
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    Americas's Army CD

    Hey guys, Can anyone tell me where i can get hold of an America's Army : Special forces(ver 2.1 i.e. the latest one) full version ? I would be much obliged for the information
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    HELP : Windows XP serial !!!

    I have a AMD 2000+ machine running a pirated version of Windows XP. As a result i am unable to install any of the updates and Service packs. Help before its too late !
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