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  1. Projjwal

    Rome Total War:Save option disable

    hi fredz i recently playing "Rome:Total War".But i am facing a strange problem i can't save the game.The Save Game option of the menu always disable . wht is it's solution?
  2. Projjwal

    Copy oracle table in file.

    Hi fredz... I used oracle 9i for last couple of weeks but i recently install oracle 10g on my computer.But the most imporatent tables of oracle for newuser the employee,depertment table is not in oracle 10g.Is there any way to copy oracle tables into a file(9i) & then attach thouse tables...
  3. Projjwal

    Wht is todays indian idol result

    frd i missed the todays show of indian idol pls tell me who out today?
  4. Projjwal

    old digit forum post link..

    http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/archive/index.php/ here u will find all the old digit forum posts...........Enjoy --------------------------- function __RP_Callback_Helper(str, strCallbackEvent, splitSize, func){var event = null;if (strCallbackEvent){event =...
  5. Projjwal

    Cheek ur system speed correctly...

    cheeking speed of any system is a very hard job.If i asked this question that which system faster between two close configured system it's really tough. But from super_pi program u can calculate the real speed of ur system. I share the file for u. this is the link...
  6. Projjwal

    >26 HDD partitions...?

    Generally we know all the hard disk partition are shown by a alphabet.Starting from C to Z I think that system don't have any FDD or Optical Drive.If we use A & B as HDD partition (I am not sure) then the maximum number of partitions possible is 26.If I want more than 26 partition then what is...
  7. Projjwal

    Seperate voice from song...???

    Is there any way to seperate voice from song...? I recently bulid a bandpass filter for mp3 songs . If the voice & music frequency range r different then it will split voice & music from song.. Pls help.........
  8. Projjwal

    Problem with DOS.

    Hi, friends I don't know is it right place or not for my post. I create a program which generate a batch file for LAME . to convert normal MP3 to VBR(Veriable Bit Rate).In normal case it worked fine but for the non-8dot3 file means filename with space ,'-' etc it's not working .So, i want a...
  9. Projjwal

    Windows Securty Permission problem.

    Some days ago ,I off the "simple file sharing" of windowsXP.As a result i got a new tab call "security" on the file propertis menu. from that menu i disallow some user to read/write of some files. After that for any reason i reinstall my windows xp.Now the problem start i can't read/write thouse...
  10. Projjwal

    Create Fake file of ur choice.

    Create fake file in windows xp . 1>open cmd. 2>type" c:\fsutil file createnew c:\fake.xxx 104857600 " By the above code u can create a file which name fake.xxx . u can use any extension u want (on the place 'xxx') followed by file size(in byte).104857600~100MB. ---------------------------...
  11. Projjwal

    REG file ??

    Help me!!! I want to Delete specific registry entry throug a .REG file is it possible???:confused:
  12. Projjwal

    Eklavya- the royal guard songs.

    hi, anybody got the songs of Eklavya- the royal guard pls post link or mail me at projjwalsen@yahoo.com
  13. Projjwal

    Support overclock or not

    Do u support overclocking.......????:neutral: __________ It gives u satisfaction...Pay less money for better speed.:)
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