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    gpu need

    i want to play all recent game in hd. My buget is 15k for gpu and psu. Plz suggest. My config is intel core i3 +intel mobo samsung 22" full hd monitor frontec 450w psu 500gb hdd 6 gb 1333 mhz ram
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    Psu confusion for gpu

    My config is core i3 prosy with 450w frontech psu. I want to buy a ati radeon hd 6770 gpu for my pc. But i can't find any 6pin gpu power conecter on my psu. So what can i do. Plz help me. Is my psu able to get the gpu.
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    [SOLVED]Making bootable dvd

    Thanks for give me a solution. Its works. Thanks again
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    [SOLVED]Making bootable dvd

    I downloaded an iso file of windows 7 but i cant understand how to make a bootable dvd of it using iso plz help me soon thanks
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    windows 8

    i have a desktop pc with config intel core i3 intel mb 2 Gb ram 500 gb hdd can i use windows 8 on my desktop?
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    windows media player problem

    how can i play .mov file(hd trailer given by digit) in windows media player? before 3 days .mov file open with windows media player(then my os was win7 ultimate 32 bit)but after installing win vista .mov file wont open with wmp.
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    Preview + Feedback [August 2011]

    fasttrack to google+ and facebook sounds good. But the dvd content is very poor. But i must get this copy.
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    windows 7 theme setup

    thanks for write. But the theme file is .themepack format
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    windows 7 theme setup

    i have some windows 7 theme which i downloded from torrent but i am unable to use it. How can i use the theme for my pc. Plz help.
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    By Demand [September 2011]

    plz include some small full pc game for those who have not any graphics card. And plz give firsttrack to vb.net and adobe dreamwaver.
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    Athlon II X3 440-3200 Asus M4A78LT-M LE-2600 CORSAIR 2GB DDR3 1333MHZ-1100 Seagate 500GB-1700 BENQ G2220HD-7K Zebronics Bijili w/o Smps-1.1k vip 350watts-800 logitech multimedia combo-700 Lg 22x dvd writer-900 ups-microtek 600vA -1200 TOTAL 22.4 K
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    By Demand [August 2011]

    fast Track to Microsoft Office 2011 and data base application. Need MORE full game within 300MB
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    Preview + Feedback [July 2011]

    good fast track
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    c2d pc under 20k

    thanks for replay.
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    c2d pc under 20k

    thanks for replay. at first no need of speaker. 2nd fsp psu is not available in kolkata so plz help.
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    c2d pc under 20k

    I have a dell xps 15 but as my sister recently join a it coacing so that we urgently need a pc under 20k. Plz help us. Processor must be from intel.
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    Need sandy-bridge laptop for40K

    in this budget its deficult to get sandy bridge laptop.
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    Sony or Samsung?

    i think samsung is best for display.
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    led monitor 21-23inch ,budget 8-10k

    i think BENQ G2220HD IS A GOOD MONITOR.22" FHD ONLY AT 7.2K
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    complicated upgrade...pls help

    i think u should wait for fusion. Coz u will get it july 2nd week.
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