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  1. sourav

    Help!!! Buy new Laptop ( < 40,000 bucks)

    Suggest me some good laptops well below Rs 40,000. it should be powerful enough. I had a lenovo's laptop.....so if it has nice one do suggest me those.....as I love lenovo's keyboard a lot I had seen a acer laptop well under Rs 32,000. It has a inbuilt nvidia graphics.....laptops like...
  2. sourav

    Help!! To Buy a LCD at Rs 15,000

    i want 2 buy a new lcd for my pc.........it should b between 15,000 including every tax......... suggest good lcd monitors....... if possible send the link to its pics.........
  3. sourav

    how 2 make rca male to 2 rca female adapter ?

    plz help me making a rca male to two rca female adapter i need it to connect my dvd player to pc's tv tuner as well as to tv....
  4. sourav

    (lcd)samsung 920nw or 206nw????

    samsung 920nw or 206nw???? i was going to buy a samsung 920nw,it is a 19 inch monitor, with resolution of 1440X900, 5ms responce time, everything else is mostly same wid this monitor......would this be a better buy, compared to this...... and i cannot look for other companies, because...
  5. sourav

    Tutorial Request! FreeProxy Set up

    i am not able to set up free proxy between two computers i am able to share all resources also net with it without using free proxy so i need help to set up free proxy on my dektop. Thanks in advance its just a two computer network plz help
  6. sourav

    Help! doubts in buying Wireless Router

    i am think of buying a wireless router and i want its cost to be as low as posible, and it must be less than 2000 rs. What is the range does it provide? Does any of those provide two-three ethernet ports as it is important for me. As my pc and bsnl modem should directly connect to it...
  7. sourav

    Help! ZoneAlarm

    whenever i start zone alarm i cannot connect through network to internet. I have installed zone alarm in the desktop. This connects directly to internet. My laptop connects to internet through this. i am not able to connect to net through this
  8. sourav

    TATA Indicom Plug 2 Surf

    I'm sure you already know about the Tata Indicom Plug 2 Surf -- with all these ads flashing in our face during the entire World Cup series. One ad goes like this: Bollywood celebrity Kajol walks in on an aspiring model and a couple of her friends. She inserts the Plug 2 Surf (a USB device) into...
  9. sourav

    World Cup Won

    India won first twenty20 world cup and by just 4 runs. WOW!!!! atlast
  10. sourav

    networking xp to vista

    i have a lappy and desktop. my desktop runs windows xp pro and windows vista ultimate. i have already networked windows xp of my desktop to the lappy. but i am not able to network vista with laptop's xp. remember workgroup is workgroup and i have kept lappy on automatic ip mode since it...
  11. sourav

    how! a infrared 'transmitter'

    how! to make a infrared 'transmitter' i want to use a remote controller of a device from another room which is far away. is their anyway? please sugget. i think we can take a infrared receptor & infrared bulb. I know infrared receptors are available at stores. We have to make make a...
  12. sourav

    how much system does my system support according to this...

    I can't understand the line It is possible to install four 2048 MB (2 GB) modules for a total of 8 GB of system memory, however, only 4 GB of address space is available. <i>koi help karega</i>
  13. sourav

    Help! Slow Shutdown

    Today I saw my computer taking a lot of time to get shutted down.before it was taking 2-3 minuter, but now it must above 6-8 minutes. i don't know why it is happening. to check it i installed and ran ccleaner and also spybot updated till september one given in digit. i really need help...
  14. sourav

    help! in buying19" wide lcd

    i want to buy a 19" widescreen lcd. my budget is 12000. my daily requirements are game, word processing, browsing and watching films. i want a screen without ghosting.
  15. sourav

    run 24 hrs a day Lappy OR Desktop

    I have a IBM Laptop g41, should I keep that running for 8 hrs at night or my desktop which has a 400 watt PSU and a crt monitor My main concern is the life of the pcs and energy conservation.
  16. sourav

    Where can get retail CD of WINDOWS XP SP2

    I want the image or the retail version of cd of Windows XP professional SP2. I don't need that serial no. as i got that with my laptop. I am going to format my computer,i need a original cd.
  17. sourav

    Help! Gamepad settings for GTA San Andreas

    I am using a gamepad for 3 months(approx) i want to use it to play gta san andreas. i know how to change settings in the game. but not able to get correct key assigned. please help me in assigning keys. it has only 10 buttons excluding the direction one. in the right side keys are...
  18. sourav

    USB To miniusb

    I want to make usb to a miniusb. I have the points to which it is connected i.e. Usb and miniusb point. I want to know that there four points in the usb point whereas there are five points in miniusb. I want to know to which points should i connect the wires.
  19. sourav

    How to make miniusb connection with usb

    I have the connectors of miniusb and usb. i want to know that to which point should i connect wire to the which point. mini usb (5 pin) the one used with motorola v3i and some chinese mp3/mp4 players.
  20. sourav

    Which inverter to buy??

    i am thinking of getting a inverter in my house as a lot of power cut procedures has started in my city. Today, i want to few shops for buying inverters from where I selected these: 1. Genus 800 VA sine wave home ups 2. luminous 800 VA i want to know which of these i should...
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