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    [REQUEST]Upgrade suggestions for 6 yr old PC

    Current Config: Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 @2.66 GHz Heat Sink: Cooler Master Silence Mother Board: P5QL Pro Graphics Card: XFX GeForce 9 Series GF9500 GT 550M 512 MB DDR2 RAM: 2 x Transcend 2G DDR2 800 WiFi Card: Asus PCE-N13 300Mbps PCI-E Cabinet: Mercury ATX 500W Storage: 120...
  2. J

    Zebronics remote interference issues

    Hi, I bought a 2.1 Multimedia speaker from Zebronics 4 months back. The sub-woofer got busted within a month, and they replaced the same. I have been having remote interference with the DVD Player though. Every time I try to change volume in the speaker's remote, the player shuffles subtitle...
  3. J

    All-in-one Media Player for Rs.7k, BUT....?

    Hi, I was browsing for Media Players, and my criteria was that it should have an in-built HDD/HDD slot. And "THIS" popped out, and for 7k, it has everything and more: HDD(2.5"/3.5") slot(internal HDD=cheaper than external HDD) Universal Remote(wow, I am already fiddling with 3 remote...
  4. J

    Which DTH should I go for?

    Hi, I've been using the local cable all these years. With the launch of the Govt. cable services recently in my State, I am forced to go for DTH. I recently got a Toshiba LED TV, and after 2 months they gave me the coupon for the FREE Videocon D2H which comes bundled with the TV. It offers...
  5. J

    Looking for a 5.1 Speaker system for my TV

    Hi, I recently purchased a Toshiba 24" LED TV. The in-built speaker vibrates and sounds horrible at high volumes. Please suggest me a decent 5.1 system(I have a Onida DVD player, so don't want the Home Theater set). The TV plays full HD, has an Optical/digital Audio output, HDMI and is...
  6. J

    Suggestions for DVD Player(<4K)+Home Theatre

    Hi, I'm looking for a DVD Player with, HDMI Good upscaling without loss in quality on my Toshiba 24" FullHD LED TV DIVX Playback USB My budget is Rs. 4,000 or less. I was considering Onida HDR-5522 ATOM. But salesmen said Onida's service back-up isn't good. They ask me to go for...
  7. J

    Is Datacard>PC>WiFi>Wireless devices-connection possible?

    I use a Desktop PC running on Windows Vista x64 and connect to the internet via a datacard(3g and evdo). I don't have a WiFi hardware in my PC. I would like to know if I can share the connection(I understand it is possible on an ethernet connection) on my other wireless devices like laptop and...
  8. J

    Problems with my MoBo. How to choose a better one??

    Hi all, I have an XFX nForce 630i/1333MHz/GeForce 7150GPU with 256MB DDR2 Motherboard which has issues with Front Audio, specifically, the Microphone. The Distributors have agreed to give me a Board of my choice, though they only handle XFX and ASUS MoBos. Since I'm a noob when it comes to...
  9. J

    Suggest a Compatible Graphics Card 4 this Config plz.

    I recently bought components and tried my hands at assembling them myself. It was fun and most importantly it worked. (I've never seen a computer being assembled before; I'm not boasting, but it was so satisfying to do it all myself). Well, I've given the configuration below... Mother Board...
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