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  1. remrow

    Computer doesnt starts after long Power cut...

    I am having this unusual behavior in my PC. When I start My PC, after it not being connected to Power supply for more than 1 or more hours, it doesn't boot! -The start sound is there (normal boot sound) But only red LED is lit. The green LED doesnt lights. -Monitor screen is like not connected...
  2. remrow

    Games with minimum requirement 512 mb ram

    I need a list of game that can run in it I have -a geforce FX 5200 256mb graphics card - 768mb DDR1 RAM. - 3.06 ghz pentium 4 processor - 500gb HD my configuration is thing of the past, but still I have it.. So if guys know any great games that can be played on the configuration please...
  3. remrow

    Which virus is this??

    I have this weired virus in my computer. I don't know how it got in and i really need your help. Here is whats happening in my computer.... -The taskmanager is not disabled. -The registry is not disabled. -When looking at the processes i can see some weired looking programs like wlcomm.exe...
  4. remrow

    Have you guys any idea about this page on google?

    http://www.google.com/intl/xx-hacker/ Visit the link and say what you have to say.
  5. remrow

    problem with languages on certain websites!!

    You see when i open a website with multiple languages like google then i by default go to the hongkong version of that website. ie. google.com.hk How did this happen?? I have no any data in my PC about hongkong and i have not set any of details to hongkong. Plz help me set the default language...
  6. remrow

    Making Images from HTML tables

    Making images from HTML tables. Did you got it ? If you haven't then it is like using no images but using clean HTML tables to make an image. So I turned out to a pretty looking picture from Yahoo Answers Avatar, an avatar of someone that was 48 X 48 resolutions. You guys might be thinking it...
  7. remrow

    Why Opera is kept aside??

    You know that opera is the third(fourth) most popular browser, with fast page loading. But many website just keep opera aside. They give that their website is best viewed on IE and Firefox but not on Opera. Moreover the classic version of live mail loads for the windows live mail. Why is...
  8. remrow

    A pure HTML Website

    A sister of mine came to me asking help making their project. They were studying simple HTML, so they hadn't learn the css nor Javascript.They asked me to make a simple HTML project about their school. For me i first thought it would be an easy task, just use the HTML and i am done. But...
  9. remrow

    I messed up windows registry.

    i had virus "virusremoval.vbs" i deleted it then i removed the values of it from the registry now i have a problem when i log in to a user it says logging off and shuts down:mad: help!!
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