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  1. PrinceHeart

    Taj Mahal needs ya all

    What's the sms code to vote for other wonders than Taj Mahal ?? I tried to find out, but when I click on India - it only showed me the option to vote for Taj Mahal.
  2. PrinceHeart

    world cyber games 2007

    Old News ! The website is still under development. Just wait for them to update - Keep an eye or/and submit your info and join their mailing list for upto-date info. And NO - Players don't need to take their PC's with them LOL
  3. PrinceHeart

    Sony dropping PlayStation 3 chip to reduce cost

    I got my ps2 from australia - PAL version. No idea on when its coming to India though, but I know this - on my next visit to aussieland I will get a ps3 by that time. Cheerz
  4. PrinceHeart

    Sony dropping PlayStation 3 chip to reduce cost

    Well I can't afford PS3 right now, so playing with the Vista Beta 2 for now ;)
  5. PrinceHeart

    Britney Spears, shaved bald..

    I didn't liked Britney even before when she had hairs - so what u'll think will change my views now that she doesn't got hairs ?? L O L :P
  6. PrinceHeart

    The 50 Most Important People on the Web

    Oh well.. guess im 51st - I can live with that ;)
  7. PrinceHeart

    Sony dropping PlayStation 3 chip to reduce cost

    Thanks for the post and source. Peace
  8. PrinceHeart

    Guyz suggest me a good video editor

    After considering the PC config - I suggested Windows Movie Maker. You can also use VirtualDub - which is free and doesn't need much resources anyway. Have a try. Hope it works. Cheerz
  9. PrinceHeart

    Window XP installation problem

    oh_yeah - Just make a bootable startup cd and boot from it 1st and then install winxp from ur hard disk - or u can always burn the winxp installation and make a bootable OS disc and install directly from CD - as told by The Unknown. Hope it helps. Cheerz Edited the Nick ID.
  10. PrinceHeart

    firmware upgrade ?

    The last firmware upgrade for Huawei SmartAX MT882 is V200R001C01B021SP03 Jun 20 2005 (Doesn't work with Win Vista). If you want to revert to this one - download it from http://www.sendspace.com/file/dx0wrp If the *.bin file doesn't help, rename it to *.xdsl. Hope this works. Cheerz
  11. PrinceHeart

    scan disk

    Can you rephrase your query ?? What software and what feature ? Try removing whatever is annoying you from the startup. If using WinXP - try - Start > Run > type msconfig > OK Under System Configuration Utility > Start Up > Change options > Click APPY > Click OK > Restart PC. Hope it...
  12. PrinceHeart

    Window XP installation problem

    Make a Win 98 Boot floopy with CD Support. Download the Windows 98 SE boot disk from Bootdisk.com Insert both Floppy n WinXP CD inside floppy n cd drive respectively. Change Boot Preference to Floppy in Bios. Restart PC. Boot the PC from floopy. Then try to install WinXP. Note: Can do...
  13. PrinceHeart

    Guyz suggest me a good video editor

    If you use Win Xp - Try using Windows Movie Maker. If that doesn't help - try searching download.com Cheerz
  14. PrinceHeart

    VISTA CRACKED : Vista Activation Cracked By Brute Force

    This is like any old style movie - and what the villain/heroes used to do in em. They pay some guys to grab the actress and then they come to their rescue. Why don't u guys think microsoft is not doing the same thing. They want these piracy to continue. So they can then make a patch or...
  15. PrinceHeart

    Sony Pictures making Metal Gear movie

    Finally ! a GOOD NEWS ! Heard on TV in some channel - Resident Evil 3 is gonna be out this yr too.
  16. PrinceHeart

    TV tuner card for recoeding programs!

    pinacle got lots of products in different price range. check the full list and see what u want to do with it. the video quality is real good with this card - use internet one - or get an external one - ur choice. both are good. cheerz
  17. PrinceHeart

    how to create dvd from .avi files

    kin - u need to decode the avi file using one of many available programs on the net and then make dvd files - or u can use one of many conversion avi to dvd programs. One of em - that i use is nero recode. it comes bundled with nero 7. try it and have a look. hope it helps. cheerz
  18. PrinceHeart

    Author Sidney Sheldon dies at 89

    This world had lost one of many good men !
  19. PrinceHeart

    are thereany free .in domain name providers???

    Very well said saurav. I used to make 30-40k per month before from online stuffs few yrs back. But life move on. And then suddenly, u will find yourself in middle of the main story of your life by surprise. So i guess no one can dedicate their life to the INTERNET. But the idea is nice eh, 40k...
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