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  1. kayos

    Problem in my PC :(

    its a clear case of moving out of comfort zone. ur cpu clearly doesnt like being shifted inside the table. get it repaired and then start only when u have chosen a final place... lol .. i guess u should check ur SMPS again .. or connectivity .. if all is fine then its ur mobo ..
  2. kayos

    suggest "cheap and best" graphic card

    XFX NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT 512MB PV-T84J-YAJ7 Graphics Card@import "scr.css"; Specifications Warranty GPU: GeForce 8600GT Memory Size: 512GB Interface: PCI Express x16 Core Clock: 540 MHz Chipset Manufacturer: NVIDIA PixelPipelines: 4 Memory Clock: 800 MHz Memory Interface: 128-bit Memory Type...
  3. kayos

    checking the fps in games.

    no no no .. i am not asking what fps i will get .. i am just saying for whatever setting is there any such limit like for 40+ fps i will be able to play well... actually i have never tested for any game .. i am able to play crysis smoothly for 1024 * 1240 i think at 4X AA.. just...
  4. kayos

    checking the fps in games.

    how many fps is good... does it depend on game or like if i have 40+ fps in any game then it will be good for all games...
  5. kayos

    Old TV Video Games

    Re: Kahani Contra Ki (old video game) ^^^^ i remember homeTV and i guess kung fu series too.. was it like it had two brothers who fought .. i think i saw it in hindi .. lol
  6. kayos

    Urban Terror - Fun Over Realism

    wow u guys are talking so seriously in here.. will dld it today .. how much time will it take ? i m on 256 Kbps... is it enough to play online .. i have played quake CS and many more and kicked butts .. lets see in here.. can we practice offline?? let me know .. i can join on...
  7. kayos

    Old TV Video Games

    Re: Kahani Contra Ki (old video game) ohh i had this game till recently and u cud play it on pc .. it was rather easy playing on pc or maybe i have outgrown this game .. but it as so much fun playing it on parlour three guys at a time and everyone put in their coin so fast to choose mustafa...
  8. kayos

    Plzzz Help.....can not install COD 4.....

    ^^^ amazing solution .. @manoj: new problem .. but there is way to convert ur disk to NTFS keeping ur files intact chek the following link: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb456984.aspx do post the results...
  9. kayos

    My PC GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    come on now .. title suggested as if somebody stole ur pc... try putting some sensible title rather than trying to get attention with all the "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" most probably its ur smps .. check that if the power supply is ok .. as within overnighjt procy fail is not high probability...
  10. kayos

    Xfx Nvidia 8800gt 512mb || Asus P5k3 Deluxe Ddr3 Wifi Ap

    what ..?? cards as in how many card.. for 17.5 and teh "s" i wud be expecting more than one...
  11. kayos

    dvd writer read problem... help!

    before using the vbs goto device manager and check for the primary and secondary rives in ATAPI controllers... check in teh advanced setting if transfer mode in PIO or DMA.. if its PIO then make it DMA and restart ,.. check again .. it might have rechanged to PIO .. if it isnt then good...
  12. kayos

    Crysis killing my 8800GTS 512 MB G92 SLI

    on my 8800GTS 320 mb, i am easily able to play at 1024X768 at 4XAA.. no issues... havent tried better setting... but there was some problem initially but after 2-3 days teh game kinda set in and worked perfectly .. maybe you shud give it a day or too..
  13. kayos

    Need Help!!

    i think u shud be more specific .. as to which brands u r ok with ..do u want to do oc or not.. for intel the only option in this price range u have are DG33 mobos..they have pretty good onboard graphics.. for no onboard u shud try asus ... u will get a good variety in that range .. try...
  14. kayos

    All the Far Cry and Crysis posts here

    yeah lol ... maybe if someone else faces the problem, before giving solution we can ask him to post a video ... it will be a worthy see.... :D
  15. kayos

    All the Far Cry and Crysis posts here

    i checked on their official site... patch is giving problems to many .. reinstalled it without patch .. and its working fyn now..
  16. kayos

    my system is dead slow being the latest hardwares

    i think he missed a driver.... everythings compatible as system is working ... just chekc if all hardware is being recognised by system manager.. also ur drivers are properly installed .. then do tell here whats the status of ur CPU .. which program is running and if any program is taking more...
  17. kayos

    All the Far Cry and Crysis posts here

    i got a problem with my crysis game... if i turn on antialiasing to anything then my graphics get distorted... i can only see outlines of images plus the scene get distorted.. when AA is off then it works fine... also there is another problem .. if i save a game and when i restart it my...
  18. kayos

    Guide me in buying a new Branded desktop Pc

    pls be a bit more specific as to how you want to use ur pc .. i hope u know that branded will not be the best deal u will get ... and also if u at all need graphics card... for 30k having lcd with graphics card can be a little strain .. do wxplain a bit and i m sure u will get the best...
  19. kayos

    NVIDIA to gobble Ageia

    i too precisely think that ,.. because I have seen on so many other topic where discussion went just on who the real spammer is and went to point blames and fighting.. when everyone was equally in it .. including,as I feel now, me... spammers all .. !!! see how this topic was ruined...
  20. kayos

    Taxing your brain!!!

    come on now .. can we leave spamming issues... everyones a spammer.. lol just finish it and get back to work ... lol i just got back from a week long ban...
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