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    First time guitar buying advice

    Guitar buying advice Hello guys, I always had interest in this, thinking to take the plunge now. Budget - upto 3 to 3.5K in the beginning. I need one that can be connected with other devices, like laptops, and maybe used to play games like Rocksmith? And also has not too weak sound...
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    PS3 to Laptop display?

    Hello guys, can someone tell me whether THIS can be used to connect PS3 to laptop screen? Description says it supports resolution upto 1920x1200, PS3's A/V cables can be connected to it. hence ouputting the PS3 signal to laptop screen? Someone asked me, hence posting here just to make...
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    What code is this..

    <script type="text/javascript"> function C7D36720260A79BEECF3B8D6D(C78D9ED077610F5E11){function E69961B4A47426004A21A064DA3(){return 16;}return(parseInt(C78D9ED077610F5E11,E69961B4A47426004A21A064DA3()));}function DB47FCE800845F2179C(D89D6EB726D3262DEA5){function...
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    DVD Drive goes missing after resume from hibernation..

    I normally hibernate my PC but recently, after I restart from hibernation, my CD drive is not listed in Windows Explorer. My solution is to do a reboot to get the drive back. Is there a fix for this? I am using Windows XP Pro SP2, Asus DVD Writer.. :confused: Thanx.
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    System Restarts When Trying To Install Avast...

    I am running Windows XP Pro SP2.. i downloaded Avast Home Edition, latest, from their site... When i click on the installer, the system restarts without any error message etc. I have just reinstalled the OS, and Avast was the first application i was tying to install after the fresh installation...
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    Little Javascript/Cookie Help..

    Hi people.. I have a little problem.. I need to put a javascript code in a html file, which when viewed, get the cookies of the viewer and store them in a remote txt file.. i know we can get the cookies with this - javascript:alert(document.cookie) or javascript:document.write(document.cookie)...
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    Look At This..

    **CLICK** :p:D:mad:;)
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    BLOB to TEXT..

    I have a database, in it there is a field which stores the values in BLOB format. How would i fetch those values so that it get displayed in the form of readable text.... Pls help.. Thanx...
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    PHP Help Needed...

    My site use PHP as scripting language... I created a simple search menu to fetch results from the database, and display the results... It works fine and results are displayed as per the need of the user... But the problem is that it displays all of the found results on a single page, i want to...
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    DVD-R Bruning Question..

    DVD-R Burning Question.. As you know the capacity of a DVD-R is some 4.3 GB.. Now i want to know can i add small amount of data many times on it, like i take backups, 200-300 MB at a time.. can i write to it multiple times until its capacity is reached, or i have to add full 4GB at once..? I...
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    Google Down?

    Is it working for anybody else?? Just keeps on loading here since morning... :(
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    Hibernation Problem!!

    I have been using the hibernation option for a long time without any problems, now from some days when i resume the system from hibernation, i get the following error : - The system restoration image is corrupt. Delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu. or somewhat similar.. That...
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    How Will You Die?

    Find Out here : - http://evil.berzerker.net/death_predictions.php And post the results here... Its so damn funny... :D:D Some of them I got - 1. You will die at the age of 53 fighting the interplanetary War on Terrorism on Camp Harmony, Venus. 2. At age 49 a group of children will text...
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    Blogger sites not opening in FireFox

    I am using FireFox and since i started useing Firefox 2, none of the blogger/blogspot sites open on firefox... It just gets stuck on 60-75%, and keeps on loading.. Earlier on Firefox 1.xx, they used to work just fine.. Can someone tell me what could be the problem..?? My net...
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    Calculating Total Time Spent by users Online [PHP]

    Can someone give tell me a php script or code to calculate the total time spent by a particular user on the site, from the time of registration till now.. The total time will be shown in the profile of the user.... It may involve both php/mysql if it needs.. I have tried everything but it doesnt...
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    The Default browser on Nokia OS 9.x phones...

    Can they be minimised or not? thanx.
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    Silent Hill 3 Help

    I have P4 1.6GHz, Windows XP SP2, 256MB RAM, with 32MB video display... I meet the minimum requirements for Silent Hill 3, but on starting it gives this error... Can someone tell me, how can i play this game?? Can i turn off the Vertex/Pixel shader support externally?? I am attaching...
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    Which headset is this?

    Can someone tell me what is the name of this headset? Does it come bundled with 5700? Is it wireless or not? Thanx.
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    ISO/Image Help Needed.

    I am a complete n00B in this ISO/image thingy... I have downloaded a ISO file and dont know what to do with it.. Can someone tell me what tools are needed, andwhat to do with it so that, it works(Its a game)... Thanx.:|:|
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    How to host a CS server using No-IP.com??

    I have seen people hosting a CS server on no-ip.com. As it is free, can someone tell me how to create one?? Sorry if its already discussed. Thanx.
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