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  1. prasath_digit

    can MCA Grads get into Comp Hardware Field?

    Hi I'm doing MCA II year now, I know that MCA degree is ranked a lot lower than BE/Btech degrees....I'd like to know if MCA graduates can get into the Computer Hardware Field...as I am more interested in Comp Hardware than Software....and most companies( including biggies like Intel, AMD, NVIDIA...
  2. prasath_digit

    Best College/Sports Indian Bike

    IYO what is the best bike for college and sport riding among our Indian bikes?. You know for things like riding around the campus, zipping past others in the street, racing with others, some stunting & ofcourse taking ur girlfriend(if u hav one:grin:) out for a ride... My choice would be the...
  3. prasath_digit

    Engineering Education in India

    What is the quality & standard of engineering education in our country? Almost everyone who completes their +2 falls into engineering like heards. I've heard in many arguments that engineering education in our country is very outdated. Apart from the top colleges, what about the other colleges...
  4. prasath_digit

    M.E after completing M.C.A. ?

    I'm doing M.C.A II year now I just want to know whether it is possible to pursue M.E. after completing M.C.A. Is it worth the time?. Thanx in advance. :smile: Also is M.E 1 yr or 2yrs?
  5. prasath_digit

    Half-Life 2 OR S.T.A.L.K.E.R.? ( In Real Life )

    Lets say, ur given a choice ( in real-life not gaming :rolleyes: ) of whether u:- -> Have to be a Stalker and explore the Zone? ( OR ) -> To don the HEV-Suit of Gordon Freeman and battle aliens? I know both r bad :D, which one you'd choose?. I prefer visiting the Zone.......U? Bright &...
  6. prasath_digit

    A Book for learning Oracle10g?

    Guys, i've downloaded the Oracle10g Xpress Edition from Oracle website, I know only the basic database theory, I want a good book for learning Oracle10g Xpress edition. Advance Thanx for ur help :) No one to help me? :(
  7. prasath_digit

    Video Game Piracy in India

    Hi guys, I've been gaming since 16 on the PC initially, at the time of buying the PC, due to ignorance i bought only pirated games. Only after being introduced to computer mags like Digit,Chip, i came to know tat a single original game costs 1000/- :shock:. Even then I can't afford enough money...
  8. prasath_digit

    Far Cry 2 Discussion Thread

    Haven't been to Africa?..Don worry here cause here comes Africa to your Desktop.......Here comes Far Cry 2........ Release Date :- October 31, 2008 The next installment in the ground breaking exotic-non linear FPS series.......... Far Cry released in 2003 was a huge technical & game play...
  9. prasath_digit

    One day, U and ur girlfriend.........

    One of my friend asked me this, he is a hunk ( body builder,gym freak, whatever.......). I am no hunk, i am the opposite, computers are my gym. I am a total geek..........never went to gym......... Today evening, he was arguing with me that, u need to be a hunk in these days if u wanna be...
  10. prasath_digit

    What Can I do with Graphics?

    Hello digitians, I am very much interested in Computer Graphics, I want to know in what field computer graphics can be put to use. I just finished B.Sc CS....currently studying J2EE & Oracle...........( Business software is boring........ :( ) I read in many books & articles, that graphics is a...
  11. prasath_digit

    Is Gaming a Childish Activity? ( In India )

    Have u ever been insulted or scolded for playing games, i've been insulted a few times by some idots, they say like : "Why r u playing still playing games like a child?", "Please turn that off", "What is this stupid thing on the screen gonna do for ur career?".................... All of these...
  12. prasath_digit

    Wat about Others?

    All I am asking is:- " WAT ABOUT STUDENTS & DEVELOPERS FROM OTHER STATES WHO DON'T KNOW THE LANGUAGE????????????????????????? " :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: :x I've been using MSDN Online India, I am from a non-hindi speaking state. I have a Windows...
  13. prasath_digit

    Where can i download the OpenGL SDK?

    plz tell me where can i download the OpenGL SDK....... Plz give me links.........
  14. prasath_digit

    Will Java & .NET KILL C & C++?

    Yes thats the question, Will it?...........Just want to know whether these platforms will ever replace the Native C & C++..........? :rolleyes: As both Java & .NET are Virtual Machine based environments, they will be secure & programmer friendly...........But it is traditionally believed...
  15. prasath_digit

    What kind of Linux is this?

    I'm running a copy of the Fedora 9 (Sulphur) which is bundled in this month's DVD. I want to install 1. Java Development Kit 6 Update 6 for developing Java programs ( & running out of time ) My CPU is an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ [Dual-Core] [64-bit] I went to sun's website to...
  16. prasath_digit

    How to install Fedora 9 bundled with Digit DVD?

    Plz tell me how install fedora 9 i386 which is given in this month's Digit DVD.....There is only one iso file inside the images folder where r the other iso images? :confused:
  17. prasath_digit

    id Tech 5 vs CryEngine 2 ( RAGE Screenshots )

    Which one is the superior game engine for the PC? Do u think id Software will be able to take back their position as a top technical leader in the PC Game Arena with RAGE & id Tech 5? Below are some comparison pics of OpenGL 2.1, Direct3D 9, Direct3D 10............ Looks like OpenGL 2.1 Blows...
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