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  1. maxmk

    Anyone using Instragram

    Hello All, I have recently started using Instagram on my Android and my userid is @milindmk I am just wondering if anyone here using Instagram? if yes let me know your username i would love to follow you.
  2. maxmk

    Need Suggestion

    Hello Guys, My friend is upgrading his system and selected following hardware. Please let me know your comments on this.
  3. maxmk

    Brands with online stores

    Hello Guys, Can someone provide a list of Tech or Internet brands like Mozilla, Google, Ubuntu who have online stores to purchase stuff like bags or any other merchandize?
  4. maxmk

    Need to buy Laptop

    Hello Guys, I need to buy Laptop with following configuration CPU: i5 RAM: 4 B HDD: 320 to 500 GB Graphic: 1 GB Display: 15" preferred but 14" will work to reduce the cost. Budget: 40K Can you guys please suggest me the brand and model numbers along with your recommendation? BTW I am...
  5. maxmk

    HELP: Shoutcast Listeners Wanted

    Hello Everyone, I have setup a Shoutcast Radio (Private) for some testing with some songs on it. Now I need your help to test it; i am looking for some listeners who will just listen the songs as i want to know how much bandwidth a stream server can utilize through streams. So, guys please...
  6. maxmk

    Need Suggestion to buy phone

    Hello Guys, I am planning to buy a new phone and diwali is best time to buy it..basically i need a touch screen phone under 15-18K. first i have checked x6 which is quite good but its Symbian ... but now i want to give a try to android and checked couple of phones from HTC and samsung.. so...
  7. maxmk

    Need Suggestion to buy phone

    Hello Guys I am planning to buy a new phone but confuse which one to buy.. I check Nokia x6 which is cool.. but then i thought of android Phone.. by HTC, samsung etc. so please guys suggest me a good touch screen android phone upto 20,000 INR. Waiting for your replies...
  8. maxmk

    Need help/suggestion with Data card or Internet connection

    Hello Guys I recently shifted to my new home and requested a Telephone transfer (with in Nashik) at BSNL office. Today I come to know that my transfer request has been rejected as its not feasible for BSNL to provide connection due non availability of underground cables and due to Rain...
  9. maxmk

    Customize Google Background Image.. Whats Yours

    Did anyone checked Google home page today?? Just like Bing Google started displaying Images in the Background... just a step forward Google allow users to upload their favorite image as Google Background... So, guys post your customized Google background here... Here's mine... Whats...
  10. maxmk

    Help and feedback in Social bookmarking Website

    Hello Everyone, Today I will discuss something about my blog but before that let me clear one thing that intention behind this post is not to do spamming/advertising and moderators I have taken permission from one of the moderators here however, if other mods feel that this post as an...
  11. maxmk

    Forum Font Color Needs a Change !

    Hello Guys, I have just checked the TDF and found color grey every where. I have attached the screenshot.. Is this just me or everyone else getting same?
  12. maxmk

    Facebook Fan Page

    Hello everyone... I have found that many of Forum members have their website fan page with Face book... Lets Exchange the Fan Page and increase Fan's. Here's the URL of my blogs fan Page http://www.facebook.com/pages/eITwebguru/189260727216
  13. maxmk

    Going to buy LG 22LU11 Jazz

    Hello Guys On the occasion of "Gudi Padwa" I am going to purchase "LG 22LU11 Jazz". But before that I just want to take some suggestions/review (if anyone using it here; also sorry for asking question on last moment). Basically i got attracted towards it due to following features == 1) USB...
  14. maxmk

    Need help in buying PC

    Hello Guys, My friend is planning to buy an High End Computer and his budget is near about 50K (Including UPS, Monitor etc.). Please suggest some configuration under this budget.
  15. maxmk

    ESDS Datacenter Operational from "3rd Feb 2010"

    Hello Everyone, It gives me immense pride to say that the Data Center of ESDS (the company in which I work) gets operational from "3rd Feb 2010". Following is the night view of the company and I will post more pics soon (1.79 MB Image). You can read the press release of inauguration "here"...
  16. maxmk

    Help Needed to buy 22' LCD or WLED Monitor

    Hello Everyone, I am thinking to buy an 22' monitor and short listed following Two monitors from AOC 1) AOC 22" Wide - V22 Verfino URL: http://www.aocmonitor.co.in/22_v22.html Price in Nashik: Rs. 14,500/- 2) AOC Model 22" Wide - 2236Vw URL: http://www.aocmonitor.co.in/2236Vw.html Price in...
  17. maxmk

    Giving Free Invitations for Lockerz (Invitation-Based Site)

    Hello All Thanks for max_demon for sending me invitation of Lockerz ( ref: http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=121597 ) I have 18 invitations which I want to distribute among forum members (I know it's like Ek Annar, sau Bimar). Please PM me with your email address. I will send...
  18. maxmk

    CentOS Linux Project In Trouble ????

    CentOS Developers has sent open letter to Lance Davis who is created CentOS more details please have a look following article and letter. http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/centos-linux-project-in-trouble.html http://www.centos.org/
  19. maxmk

    Microsoft's Server busy......lol..just for fun

    Hello everyone.. just checkout following image (Only for fun)..
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