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  1. prasath_digit

    IITs have lost old sheen, says Narayana Murthy

    The real culprit is our nation's culture and belief system. There is no open-mindedness or mutual trust among students( atleast compared to the west ). Generally in any college, when a student tries to do something academically different or better than the others, he/she is usually seen as a...
  2. prasath_digit

    Doom 3 Source Code published under the GPL

    I'm very eager to get my hands on the source code...
  3. prasath_digit

    Engineering Education in India

    We are basically a 'collectivist' society...where the opinion of the group takes precedence over the likes and dislikes of the individual. There is seldom any open-mindedness or mutual trust among the people or students...myself is currently doing final year M.C.A. I did my U.G. in B.Sc. Comp...
  4. prasath_digit

    *** Science Or God? ***

    RELIGION tells us to BELIEVE... :-x SCIENCE tells us to EXAMINE... :?: I'll go with SCIENCE anyday... :grin: SCIENCE ROCKZ..... :grin: SCIENCE IS ANYTHING & EVERYTHING..... :grin: One of My favorite Scientific Explanation from the 1999 Hollywood Sci-Fi Movie 'THE MATRIX':-...
  5. prasath_digit

    Salary or Better Workplace -Which one would you compromise on and why?

    Salary or Better Workplace -Which one would you compromoise on and why? Ques: Salary or Better Workplace? 8-) Ans: Better Workplace :wink:
  6. prasath_digit

    Your most Emotional and Touchy moments of Movie. (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

    +1...also when he says 'I know now why you cry, but its something i can never do...' before getting himself into the molten steel........is also very touchy........:-)
  7. prasath_digit

    Engineering Education in India

    I started this thread nearly an year ago...and it had a very good response...many people posted the truth abt engg in india...now it looks like its picked up again some months ago...this thread should continue on...8-)
  8. prasath_digit

    software job after B.Sc(IT)

    +1 :-)
  9. prasath_digit

    can MCA Grads get into Comp Hardware Field?

    Thanx again for the info AcceleratorX. I've always wanted to become a game programmer since my high-school days itself. So that has been the focus of my study since then. I've learned C, C++, Java SE, 3D Math & OpenGL and I love it very much. Ya salary will be low compared to other s/w jobs, but...
  10. prasath_digit

    careers in programming

    extensive knowledge of C/C++ means you can work on system-related stuff rather than web/business stuff, also the game dev industry primarily favours C++.
  11. prasath_digit

    can MCA Grads get into Comp Hardware Field?

    thanx AcceleratorX, i asked becauz some positions asked just for a computer-related degree and didn't particularly mention an engg degree. Anyway I'll be trying to get a job in the game dev industry when i graduate....thanx
  12. prasath_digit

    can MCA Grads get into Comp Hardware Field?

    Hi I'm doing MCA II year now, I know that MCA degree is ranked a lot lower than BE/Btech degrees....I'd like to know if MCA graduates can get into the Computer Hardware Field...as I am more interested in Comp Hardware than Software....and most companies( including biggies like Intel, AMD, NVIDIA...
  13. prasath_digit

    All Metalheads here

    Re: Is Rock Culture on its verge of extinction ???? No no u misunderstood me, i didn't say tat AMOLAD is bad, I liked it very much....infact i preview every album before i buy the original CD....Its just tat my friends didn't like it( who were mostly pop & rap fans... :-x )
  14. prasath_digit

    All Metalheads here

    Re: Is Rock Culture on its verge of extinction ???? My first rock band is LP. i absolutely loved LP back then. Then i heard Limp Bizkit.....then abt Iron Maiden.......these were the only bands i've listened to.....even nowadays I listen to LP albums very often.......but surely most people are...
  15. prasath_digit

    urgent review needed

    +1 :+1: :+1:
  16. prasath_digit

    running pixel shader 3.0 games on 2.1

    I'm afraid that the only way to run a game which req PS 3.0 is to have a PS 3.0 supporting graphics adapter. Since ur running on oboard gfx, if ur mobo has a gfx card slot, then buy a gfx card which supports PS 3.0 & above...:-|
  17. prasath_digit

    Is there any difference b/w B.E and B.Tech??

    'Engineer' is the term used by people commonly.......so i think B.E gives u just a bit more publicity than B.Tech :grin:
  18. prasath_digit

    knowledge of geometry for 3d animation

    Yes. But i remember one of my UG classmate who did an animation course told me that they taught 3D matrices........ :-|
  19. prasath_digit

    PC vs. Console

    I prefer Consoles....... PC gaming is cutting edge no doubt......but, consoles are The Way of Gaming IMO PC Gaming = Only for Computer Geeks/Hardware Gurus :-| Console Gaming = For All People :-P
  20. prasath_digit

    Best College/Sports Indian Bike

    Ya bullet is in an altogether different league.......... ---------- Post added at 09:25 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:24 PM ---------- sure, FZ16 & FZ-S were currenlty the best naked bikes in our country.......
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