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  1. maxmk

    trace missing people at Uttarakhand floods

    This is something really touched me... Hats off to Google.. Real social responsbility...
  2. maxmk

    Demonoid is back!

    Wow kool... my login details are working to...
  3. maxmk

    Your Wallpaper

    My Latest Wallpaper
  4. maxmk

    Anyone using Instragram

    ohh really? which device you are using?
  5. maxmk

    Anyone using Instragram

    Hello All, I have recently started using Instagram on my Android and my userid is @milindmk I am just wondering if anyone here using Instagram? if yes let me know your username i would love to follow you.
  6. maxmk

    How to sell my eBook?

    Can you provide more information about it? ( please PM if you don't want to disclose as I might help you ) Also this is your first ebook you might face some difficulties while selling. You can check Partners | Aldiko - eBook Reader Application for Android I use the application to download and...
  7. maxmk

    How many started downloading Windows 8 CP?

    Just downloaded 3.3 GB ISO and planning to install it on Sunday..
  8. maxmk

    Need Suggestion

    Hello Guys, My friend is upgrading his system and selected following hardware. Please let me know your comments on this.
  9. maxmk

    Show Off Your Website

    Following are mine: Technology blog: eITWebGuru Wallpapers website: FUnsaCK Bookmarking: Indian Social Bookmarking
  10. maxmk

    Internet controlled RC car.

    WOW !!! great work boy... post some video.. :) keep it up !!!
  11. maxmk

    Are Indian product launches really about the product?

    Wow really nice article.. most of the facts mentioned by the writer are true and perfect... Thanks for the share.
  12. maxmk

    Indian Railways Launches Real Time Train Tracking Service–Simran

    Nice initiative but as its on pilot basis site is running properly. It will be interesting to see when it will be implemented on all trains as running a site without downtime or slowness will be real challenge for railways.
  13. maxmk

    Brands with online stores

    Hello Guys, Can someone provide a list of Tech or Internet brands like Mozilla, Google, Ubuntu who have online stores to purchase stuff like bags or any other merchandize?
  14. maxmk

    R.I.P Dennis Ritchie

    R.I.P Dennis Ritchie A bad month for Technology world...
  15. maxmk

    Need to buy Laptop

    Hello Guys, I need to buy Laptop with following configuration CPU: i5 RAM: 4 B HDD: 320 to 500 GB Graphic: 1 GB Display: 15" preferred but 14" will work to reduce the cost. Budget: 40K Can you guys please suggest me the brand and model numbers along with your recommendation? BTW I am...
  16. maxmk

    Ghazal king Jagjit Singh dies at 70 :(

    :( R.I.P King of Gazals ...
  17. maxmk

    Google Plus Theme for Windows 7

    Nice Work Man... will download and install...
  18. maxmk

    How many of you have websites or want to setup one

    I have four websites... do you want me to list them as well?
  19. maxmk

    Post your Speedtest results

    My latest speedtest from my mobile (Samsung Galaxy S) with BSNL 3G
  20. maxmk

    7 Google tricks you didn’t know about

    Thanks for the share :)
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