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    Beep code reference for Asus M5A88M

    When I press the power switch , firstly there are the usual 2 beeps (but I think its faster now) then 8 beeps and then again 2 beeps. Everything stays on & there is power in motherboard but the display is not receiving any signal, it stays idle. The problem happened with the graphics...
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    Speaker blew off, is it safe to use PC ?

    Speakers blew off (due to voltage fluctuation or got shorted reason not clear). After that fuse of the spike buster( to which monitor,psu power cable, speaker were connected) also went kaput. When i got new fuse for the spike buster, it was working fine . So i turned my PC ON AND IT DIDNT START...
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    Dual monitor setup with IGP and graphics card

    I have Asus m2a vm and ati radeon hd 6770. I wanted to use two monitors (one 19" lcd and the other one 15" lcd) simultaneously.Both monitors have vga connectors. how can i connect one monitor to the card and the other one to the motherboard and use them together. there is some option like...
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    PSU for 2.5k

    PSU for 3.5K Hi geeks, My system configuration is 1.AMD sempron 3400+(upgrade suggestions please) 2.WD caviar green 1TB wd10earx 3.xfx ati 6770 1GB Gddr5 4.LG dvd Writer 5.Asus M2A-VM i need a processor and a PSU for the above configuration . The one i can find in my area is...
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    graphics card around 7k(max settings @ 1366*768)

    My system configuration is motherboard : asus m2a vm processor : amd sempron 3400+ ram : 1 gb ddr2 @ 667 mhz hdd : samsung 161 jj ( 2X160 GB IN RAID 0 ) monitor : runs at 1366x768 PSU : 450 W ( unkown brand shopkeeper gave it in exchange for...
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