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    Download Manager with speed monitoring?

    hey all, I am using a 2 mbps nite unlimited connection and have a rapidshare premium a/c . the thing is with some downloads i get my full bandwidth i.e 220-240 KB/sec and with some i get around 30-40 KB/sec only. I generally download 4 files at a time and so more or less make full utilization...
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    Rapidshare premium a/c purchase query

    Hey ppl, I am planning to get a rapidshare premium a/c since i get very good speeds in http links.. almost 1 MB/sec. So i wanted to know whether its a good idea to buy a rapidshare premium a/c. It costs 7 Euros for a month which is roughly around 400 Rs. odd per month. And in case i want to...
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    can i play ps2 games online?

    hey ppl, i really want to play smackdown v/s raw 2006 online.is it possible?
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    need software for...

    hi guys, in p*****d cds of muvies u may have seen how the group's name is present or it keeps popping in the lower left hand or right hand section of the screen. eg. chintoo candy and all those things. may i know how do they insert these stuffs and how can we do that? Thx.
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    how to start a session of remote access?

    hi ppl, i have symantec pcanywhere 11 and my bro has it too..actually i am firewalled (NATed)..so i dunno whether its possible for him to access my pc remotely thru symantec or thru some other s/w if its possible pls letme know. Thanx.
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    best spyware/adware/trojan cleaner with active monitoring.

    hi guys, i sometimes visit certain ahem. c**** sites and have found that they try to send trojans,spywares etc. on every click.mozilla manages to stop that, but still i am not sure.so i was looking for a adware/spyware/trojan cleaner with active monitoring so that as soon as ne of these try to...
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    What is the difference between Norton 2005 & Symantec Corp10

    hello ppl, i use norton 2005 and my friend has symantec corporate 10. is there is difference between the 2? the scan engine,mem usage etc.
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    How to make AIOS(all in one)?

    hello ppl, i was searching for some softwares here and there ;). and i cam across All in One or AIOs wherein most of the products by one company are put into one exe file and they can be easily installed as per our convenience.e.g McAfee AIO,Norton AIO. i was wondering how to make such AIOS...
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    International Cricket Captain 2005

    hi guys, anyone here tried out the demo of icc2005? i am sure u ppl wud have played the earlier versions and wud have njoyed it.this version comes with an all new database update,a new 20-20 tourney and a world cup every 4 yrs.:D:D:D check out the demo at www.planetcricket.net p.s the...
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    MTNL triband query

    hello ppl, my local cable walla has got to my nerves and i have decided to change to mtnl triband. i heard that they have released a new plan which is night unlimited and it has a 500 mb limit during the day time for the month. that seems like a good plan but is it true that the plan is valid...
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    my emule stops downloading after 2-3 minutes.

    hey ppl, i started using emule from a few days when i needed a very rare file..now the problem is that the dwd starts and dwds at 3-5 KB/s but then after 3-4 minutes my dwd stops and i get a waiting message in the status window.. my settigns are the default xcept dwd and upload which are 9...
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    Azureus Configuration guide needed.

    hello ppl, i am using 64 Kbps local cable walla connection..and prefer torrents for mos tof my dwds..i am firewalled so i always get a yellow health sign in azureus..and my speeds never really exceeds 3-4 KB/s(uploads are quite higher) even though some of my frens with the same connection get...
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    wanna sell my old comp..how much $$ can i get from it?

    hello pppl, i wanna sell my old celeron system. Intel Celeron 500 mhz, 126 mb ram, Riva tnt2 m64 card, 14 inch samsung monitor, other necessary accesories (mouse,keyboard,speakers,cd rom drive) how much money will i get if i sell this? thank you.
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    need tips to improve nfs ug 2 driving skills.

    hello ppl, well i am not a bad racer..but i do bump inot every turning that exists..:D or slow down too much that the other cars overtake me..can someone give me ne tips to improve my racing skills.. Thx.
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    most user friendly and most secure firewall???

    hello ppl, i am using zone alarm pro 5.5 but i am having problems with my it torrent problems which most others in other bittorent forums concluded that it was problem with my zap 5.5 as it was not very compatible with bit torrent appz.. so my question is which is the best firewall in terms of...
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    bit torrent client problem.

    hello ppl, recently i am getting a problem in some of my bit torrent clients.. these clients include the official bit torrent client,abc 2.6.9 and burst! whenever i start a torrent..it gives the following error:- 'problem connecting to tracker. (urlopen error 10061-connection refused)'...
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    how do i start my own forums in my lan??

    hi ppl, in other words i want to start a web page..in which the ppl in my lan can meet and share our views/exchange tips etc just like we do here.. What all do i require and which is the easliest way to do it?? Thanx.
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    shareaza query..

    hello ppl, irecently started using shareaza for my bit torrent downloads..but i found that i was forced to download all the files even though i didnt want to download them all.. well if u havent understood it..let me explain suppose i am downloading a game which is of 2 cds..but i want to...
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    what is standby mode and hibernate mode..

    what are its functions..and how do u enable the latter one.. Thanx.
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    CRC failed..file corrupt!!!!

    hi ppl, i recently downloaded an application..and it gives me the following error:- CRC failed - file corrupt when i try to unrar it..but the place from where i downloaded says that it works fine.. can someone pls rectify this problem???
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