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    Which GTX 1060 to buy?

    Alright so my HD6870 died on me a few days back and i have been thinking of upgrading. Between the rx480 and gtx 1060 i have decided to go for the 1060. The zotac mini is the cheapest one i could find for 21.5k Buy Online | Zotac GTX 1060 Mini Graphic Card ZT-P10600A-10L | Price in Indi...
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    PSU for HD6870? Need suggestions.

    Guys, my silverstone 500W PSU has gone kaput. Need to buy a new one for around 3k. Was thinking of buying this one Buy Online Antec VP500PC 500W Power Supply in India cost is 2.5k. How is this PSU? Would you recommend any other PSU(better?) in this price range? PC config is in the...
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    Cards similar/better than HD6870?

    So 2 days back my Sapphire HD6870 died on me and sadly its out of warranty. :cry: So now im left with no option but to buy a new one. I am a casual gamer and im totally out of touch with the latest in the AMD GPU market. You can check my PC config in my signature and suggest me a similar card...
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    Cheap motherboard for Phenom II x4 955BE?

    My old motherboard died on me last week. I need a temporary mobo till the time this current one comes from repair. Im going to use it as my spare motherboard in case of an emergency. Any suggestions? Anything under 3k possible? My config is given in my signature. Thanks.
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    Cheapest motherboard for Phenom II X4 955BE ?

    Guys, my mobo just died on me a few days back and I need a temporary(cheap?) substitute for the same until it has been repaired from the service center.My budget is between 3-5k. My PC config is in my signature. Thanks in advance.
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    How to connect PC and Netbook via wifi modem?

    hey ppl .. i have my desktop connected to wifi modem via ethernet cable ... i also have a netbook which i wish to connect to the PC vis wifi :? ... the sole purpose of this is to transfer movie files which i download from my netbook to PC :???: i have absolutely no knowledge of networking, so...
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    4gb ram suggestions

    hey guys i want to buy a single 4gb ram stick for my PC . As u can see in my signature i already have a 4GB Corsair XMS3 ram .. so should i go with the same XMS3 model or should i opt for some other company like G Skill ?? i head G skill rams are better than corsair XMS3 . is it true ...
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    [SOLVED] Need help regarding wifi on my netbook

    Hey ppl just got an mtnl wifi router at my house 3 days back .. it works fine with my PC ,netbook and even my ipod but the problem is when im downloading something on my netbook(usually on torrents) and i shut the lid off it stops downloading :?:although when i open the the lid again it resumes...
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    Need suggestions for PC @ 40K

    hey first of all sorry that i had earlier made a thread regarding buying a 6850 as a part of my step by step upgrade but now that i have enough money im thinking of buying the entire pc . 1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be...
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    Will c2d E4500 bottleneck HD 6850?

    hey guys i have been using e4500 for the past 3 years and im looking for an part by part upgrade now . firstly i was thinking about adding a HD 6850 to my current system but one of my friends said that the processor will bottleneck the gpu and i wont be able to get max fps at 1080p :???: is it...
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