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    few little queries about console options!

    hi all, can U plzz tell me how to check the disk space of each drive individually through console i mean at command.exe .... & one more .... when we run any batch file .. there is a console window which gets displayed .. can we hide that window from being displayed while the batch...
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    plzz help here fast! .. i've to leave in next 30 minutes

    hi, mates tell me wat shd i do ... i'm suffering from a very idiotic thing.. its like ... an old compaq PC earlier it had .... windows ME .. then weird thing .. few very intelligent fellows .. formattted the system somehow .. by booting through A:\ .... & i typed fdisk /mbr .. & now i've...
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    plzz help me!! its very urgent!!!!

    hi, people now i need ur opinions urgently on this matter before it gets too serious .... now-a-days everytime i play Quake III on my computer.. it hangs in between .. sometimes it get restarted & sometimes if I'm lucky enough then i get it closed through task manager ...... & even after...
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    (SDRAM or DDR) advice me plzzz

    hi, People i got assembled my computer last year's summer .. & i paid for a DDR 512 MB RAM .. now when I checked it using CPU-Z.. i found its SDRAM 512 MB (133 MHz) Now shd I ask from my dealer abt this ... Shd i get it exchanged ... plzz tell me!! Although my comp is working just fine...
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    TWO(2) questions!!!

    hi, I'm asking these questions for confirmation of wat i thought! abt them .. plzz answer them .. 1: Can U suggest me a PC config. for ard 40,000 bucks .. which must include P4 - Intel Original M/B - 512 MB RAM - atleast 80 GB of HDD! actually i want the clock speed of processor ... M/B...
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    online scanning!

    hi all, mates can U suggest me some gud site for online scanning! which can detect most of the viruses! .. plzz reply fast! need it urgently .. I did tried searching the forums but couldn't find it! thanks! in advance!
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    How to start Cg programming?

    hi, People i'm trying to simulate some real time graphics on a PC attached with Geforce 6800 GT Ultra ... I want to do it with programming my GPU + vertex shaders + fragment shader .. i wanna use some free API . I've planned tht i'll go for Cg .. so can U people just provide me with some...
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    receiving! file problem!!

    hi, People i'm suffering from a strange problem like I cant receive files on my messenger ..... i'm sick of this problem :cry: i have tried a lot! but the same problem prevails! :cry: Plzz tell me wat can i do ? I'm on XP SP2, Pc-cillin 2004, Ad-aware! .. & forgot to mention earlier i was...
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    CD-ROM is not shown in boot device list??

    My frd was going to format his WIndows ... but after setting the first boot device as ATAPI CD-ROM .. the cd never booted from the ROM itself .. cd is working fine .. but his ROM option is not shown in boot device list .. Wat can it be :? ?
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    My Yahoo! account troubling me?

    hi! all from the morning itself my Yahoo! is not getting logged in ... instead whenerv i get a mail .. through mesenger i can get it in! but i cant compose any mails bcz i cant sign in .. tht is my pricipal account wat could be the reason .. mates! :cry:
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    how do U read this?

    people i wana ask U a very simple question ..how to U read & identify errors in the hijack thing!! plzz tell me how U people understand those number things ..with port number & all tht stuff?? I'm curious abt it :twisted:
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    Plzz Explain this ....

    My frd formatted his system last night installed SP2 & norton 2005 after tht properly updated the antivirus definitions ... Now,from the morning his system is not at all booting it ssays tht U r too low on virtual memory! & another error says tht Ur page size 0MB ..we tried changing page...
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    Help me!! in deciding my project??

    hi!! people ... I want to do a project on GPU programming !! Can u plzz tell me how to begin .. I'll be working on 1: Geforce 6800 GT Ultra 2: ATi Radeon X800 XTPE .. bcz both of these possess programmable Vertex programmable unit & Fragment Pragrammable unit ... Can U...
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    Can U all Plzz tell me ath abt this uncanny behaviour??

    I have posted sth like this before but nobody replied as yet so i'm posting it as a new topic .... tell me Y can't i find ne enhancements in firefox like tht in IE6 ..plzz tell me tht ... this is firefox 1.0: & this is IE6 ..& this happens in even in opera 8(beta) : People...
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    Can U help me in configuring this small awkward problem?

    hi, Well from this morning i have been formatting my hard disk's first partition C: again & again to install my windows properly but i encountered a few very new problems : 1: my formatting stops at 39% & to raise it up by just 1% i mean till 40% it takes ard 5 minutes ( hell lot of...
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    how to open .exe.torrent file??

    i'm using XP with SP@ installed tell me how to open this file nfsu2_demo.exe.torrent it''s extension is new to me so plzz help me ...??
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    hey! tell me abt this one??

    Do we have a software which can encrypt my Cpp files in a single .exe file & i can access it through dos shell netime & can retrieve back my program .... actually i have a program which does the same but tell me if there is ne such s/w which can help me in this???
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    Tell me how to do this..??

    how U all write this ...??
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