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    Download Manager with speed monitoring?

    hey all, I am using a 2 mbps nite unlimited connection and have a rapidshare premium a/c . the thing is with some downloads i get my full bandwidth i.e 220-240 KB/sec and with some i get around 30-40 KB/sec only. I generally download 4 files at a time and so more or less make full utilization...
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    Rapidshare premium a/c purchase query

    hey..thx for the reply..but will it automatically convert euros to rupees then? nothing wud go wrong i suppose?
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    Rapidshare premium a/c purchase query

    but can i purchase directly thru my credit card or no?
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    Rapidshare premium a/c purchase query

    Hey ppl, I am planning to get a rapidshare premium a/c since i get very good speeds in http links.. almost 1 MB/sec. So i wanted to know whether its a good idea to buy a rapidshare premium a/c. It costs 7 Euros for a month which is roughly around 400 Rs. odd per month. And in case i want to...
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    Make a Big Optimized All In One CD....

    how did make the layout for norton? i want to make similar layouts for my collections.any help would be appreciated.
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    µTorrent much better than anything....

    bittornado is the best imo. now with dr grudge's repeated advice i too find it gr8 and very reilable..:P if u dwd more than 2 things at a time u can use abc which is based on bittornado 3.0.13 but with a better interface for multiple downloading....BUT still the DHT feature is absent..:(...
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    µTorrent much better than anything....

    if i am not wrong...tomato torrent is for mac.
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    µTorrent much better than anything....

    hi there, i get extremely slow speeds with utorrent and now that uploading at 6 KB/s is mandatory,its causing even more slow downs for ppl like me who have 64 Kbps connection. I will stick with Bitspirit till i get a better connection.
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    can i play ps2 games online?

    oh, may i know the cost of the adapter?will my local cable walla's 64 Kbps connection do?the game wwe smackdown v/s raw 2006 supports online play..but will it lag if i connect to the us servers or something?
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    can i play ps2 games online?

    hey ppl, i really want to play smackdown v/s raw 2006 online.is it possible?
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    What r system req of COD 2?

    huh fear ran super smooth???? GMA 900 + 512 mb ram?? dude,u should have been in the great indian laughter challenge..sidhu saab must have broken that table he was sitting laughing and banging it.:D:D
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    Messenger 8.0, Here u go!

    hey...since it was zipped..i had no idea wat it contained. maaf kara.:P
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    Messenger 8.0, Here u go!

    u dont think u r allowed to post..what u have posted besides the beta ofcourse. pardon me if i am mistaken.
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    EA Sports - FIFA 06 Soccer

    XACTLY what i was gng to post.good thing i read your post.these ppl beat christiano ronaldo in their dribbling skills and they gang up in their defense..i can hardly hit goals in pro difficulty ..forget world class...and is there ne use of those 2,4,6,8 keys? i hardly found ne. u say i will...
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    Quake 4 Discussion

    lol. we have so many xcuses to buy stuff...poor america and ROW with mostly only christmas for such purchases.:D
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    hbp is copywrited stuff..do us all a favour and go buy the goddamn book.it is one of the best books and worth buying and reading it rather than dwding it.
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    PS-II to PC

    Question:-Heard that it is possible to play PS-II games in PC.I got a SONY DVD writer. 1.Is it possible? 2.If possible, which software do i need? Answer:-1)You cant. 2)No such software.Some in Beta which can hardly manage to boot the games. hope i get full marks.:P
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    Rapidshare File Downloading Problem

    after i do that procedure and when i log into www.myipaddress.com it still shows my same ip. i.e my same static ip. 202.163. sumthing i tried anonymous as well as highly anonymous proxies.both gave the same results. what do i do?
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    Rapidshare File Downloading Problem

    and then how do i apply these proxies? directly or via some s/w?
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    need software for...

    hi, there is nothing relevent here with what i have asked...r u sure this is the link?
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