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    Used XBOX 360 Games and Accessories

    HI, I've got the following games to sell. 1) Forza Motorsport 2 2)Burnout Revenge 3)F.E.A.R 4)PGR3 5)Smackdown vs RAW 2007 PRICE:RS 1000 - 1500 ACCESSORIES 1)XBOX 360 Controller 2)20 GB Hard Disk 3)Play and Charge kit All accessories price negotiable LOCATION: Pune...
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    HDTV Question

    I have a 26" Samsung bordeaux HDTV and I have my xbox 360 hooked with Component cables (those 5 cables on the premium edition) . If I buy a VGA cable will it give better quality than component as the monitor has a d-sub input as well?
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    PC or 360?

    Hi, 1.I was thinking of buying a new PC with the following specs: AMD X2 4200+ 2 GB DDR RAM @ 400 Mhz Asus n-Force 4 SLI Motherboard Geforce 7800 GT etc. Total cost :Rs 75,000 OR 2.A XBOX 360 Premium edition from ebay or when it launches here(see below). A good 29" TV...
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    Help me buy a new CPU

    HI i reside in pune. i wanted to assemble a new computer. i went to baba electronics but he is only offering an AMD Athlon X2 4200+. where can i get a X2 4400+ or X2 4800+ in pune? PS:is X2 4200+ okay?
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    GTA San Andreas frame limiter

    Is there a way to increase san andreas frame limiter in v1.01 of the game. I wonder why they set it to 25 fps in the first place. Do help if you know the way.Remember in v1.01 of the game,not the original.
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    HOW TO USE VoIP ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want a tutorial on how to use VoIP.plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllz.
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    SAN ANDREAS HELP !!! Urgent

    Can someone tell me which stores keeps San Andreas for the pc.Say,in Mumbai,Bangalore etc ? Please Help !!! If somebody has bought it (original version) tell me where to get it from.My first priority would be Mumbai.Also give the address. Thank you.
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    HEY! I found this neat tweak on gtaforums.com to change the SAN ANDREAS frame limiter.With due respect to the original author there I present you the tweak. Download HIEW here: http://www.serje.net/sen/ Extract the files to any folder.Then place HIEWDEMO.EXE in the SAN ANDREAS root folder...
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    San Andreas Patch

    Does anyone of you have the new gta san andreas 1.01 patch.if so,does it correct the frame limiter and set it to 30 fps instead of the 25 fps initially.
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    gta jalwa

    Go to gamespot.under advanced search selectively search for games that have a perfect 10 in various fields such as gameplay,sound,value,tilt and you will find at least one of the gta titles under each of these categories.in graphics though try a 9.
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    Smoothing out games

    This is for those of you who experience jerky frames in games at low fps (30-40) such as vice city or gta3 with the frame limiter on.All you have to do is override the refresh rate for 3d applications from your graphics card drivers to 85 hz or better.The games will become damn and i mean damn...
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    ups problem

    i have an offline ups but when power goes out my computer keeps on restarting and never goes beyond the booting screen what could be the problem.earlier it used to work fine.
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    30 fps query

    30 fps limiter when turned on in gta 3 and vice city makes the game very gerky to play.why,because on the consoles it runs smoothly at 30 fps.also is there any software to limit fps in doom 3 to 30.
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    frame limiting

    i would like to limit the frame rate in doom 3 to 30 fps,although i am getting 60+.does anyone know any software for limiting the framerate to 30.
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    Running Far cry

    I have the following configuration: 1.Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz 2.512 MB dual channel DDR RAM at 333 Mhz 3.40 Gb hard disk at 7200 rpm 4.Radeon 9800 256 bit,128 MB 5.Windows XP home edition I would like to know if far cry will run on my system,and if it does at what settings should i play it...
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    Buying a new game

    I already have the whole GTA series and I want to buy a game that offers similar replayability and fun.It should not be a headache,frustating and should be playable for long stretches.any ideas :?:
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    vice city not running on service pack 2

    Hi guys.I have grand theft auto vice city and it used to run fine on my system,but after i installed service pack 2 on my windows xp home edition and fired up the game it showed up its usual cd icon,but it never gets beyond that.In short,vice city is not running on SP2 :!: Please help :!: :(...
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    Console better than the pc any day

    All the console gamers can play their games at high quality with all the possible effects,although at lower resolutions on a TV but that is not too visible,and they get a better gaming experience than the pc gamers.still,some say that a pc is better.yes you can enjoy those games on the pc...
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    pc becoming gamer unfriendly

    the console gamer is more happy than a pc gamer.the games he buys he knows will run on his console and run well.however they have one problem,that some of the games they want to play may not be available on their console.this is where the pc gamers were at an advantage.but now it seems that...
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    cricket 2004 tweak

    hey guys!I have been playing cricket 2004 for awhile.you know what,it seems EA doesnt care for cricket fans because i think even the 2002 version was better than this.I use two leg spinners and bowl very short length deliveries and the batsman just get bowled!In the hard mode i get any team all...
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