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    microphone still not working: what's up

    a few months ago i posted abt my intex mic and headset for problems...............i tried all the solutions as per they were told to me but in vain.............. i bought an intex mic + Headphone i connect them to a pink and green jack resoectively i have ASUS P5GL-MX mobo on whicha PIV...
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    microphone prob

    hey guys, i recently got an intex head cum micro phone. for recording and chatting. my micrphone does not get detected. what might be worng?
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    recoil prob

    hey guys i recently downloaded recoil demo version from gamespot and installed the game. Wheni run the game i get the message "The procedure entry point UnMapLS could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll" How do i solve this prob. tx
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    Visual Basic installation

    Hey guys, I recently got a book for learning visual basic 6.0 and got an installation CD with it. When i try to install the program error pops up and says that "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG.NT. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose 'Close'...
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    software for wllppers

    Hey guys is there any software which can change wallpapers on desktop on a specified time. Please tell me the link to download. and try to give me a free one thanks
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    HDD problem with onboard graphics memory

    I recently changed my motherboard and processor to ASUS p5gl mx and 3.00ghz with ht My prob is that when i start pc a message comes that no master IDE drive detected my HDD is sata my onboard graphics memory is 64 mb i have 512 ram how to increase graphic memory makarand
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    hey guys, i have lost the password of my BIOS how can i recover it? tx
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    can i overclock

    Guys i have got a intel GLVG mobo and 2.67GHz proc. is there any way i can over clock it? tx in advance
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    support for HW T&L

    hey guys, Does Intel GMA900 support HW T&L. If not is there something that can make it support the same. Can bios update fix it. I am able to run FARcry but with extremely low settings, that's fine, but there r no the water is not good at all, also some trees also not seen thanks in advance
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    Cooling required

    hey guys, I want to keep my sustem cool. I have a CPU fan installed(which cannot be compromised with).These days the system runs very hot. D'you have any suggestions give exact info with cost of cooling equipment. I don't want to do water cooling
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    Hey guys, I use bloodshed c editor on your advice. I made a program for speed, distance and time. but when i use 'clrscr();' function it does not work. what is wrong. another thing How can i make the program work without opening the editor
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    program compiles but does'nt run

    Hey guys help me I use XP and just made a program in C when i compile it it shows 0 erros and 0 warnings when i run the program the first line is displayed "Enter the amount:" when i do so an erro comes up showing a prolem has occured and we're sorry for the inconvinience help me
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    Where can i get a C editor

    hey guys does anyone know where can i get a C language editor for free on the internet. and how to run the command prompt on XP can the editor run on XP or command prompt? awaiting ur reply thank you
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    desperate need of softwares

    hey guys I want to know the RAM frequencies of my PC. Is any software available for it preferably free so that i can dwonalod it. Please do not tell me to access the bios to check it my father has put a password so that I don't mess around with it TX
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    Anyone Knows abt this card

    XFX GeForce 7300 GS TurboCache 256MB Supporting 512MB TurboCache DDR2 PCI Express DVI VGA TV Out Video Card and this one XFX GeForce 6500 256MB DDR2 PCI Express DVI VGA TV Out Video Card Which one's a better performer? i read the system reqs for the former and they r mainly...
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    a good mobo required

    hey guys can anyone please tell me which is a good board for me it must have the following features LGA775 4GB DDR400 support atleast 4 SATA PCIE slot(MOST IMPORTANT) 1 IDE ATX preferably based on 915 my budget is rs4000
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    please help me

    does intel 915glvg original board support DDR2 ram
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    Age of Heavy Problems

    Age of Empires III the heavy hardware demanding game runs very slow on my PC. Especially when war begins and more than that when the war begins in water. The FPS count is very low. My configuration is as follows: PIV 2.66 GHz Processor (AOE3 requires 1.4GHz) Intel Original 915GLVG 512 MB RAM...
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    Age of empires. my pc's of 18th century

    my pc's config is as follows 915glvg board with 2.66ghz PIV 512MB Ram 128MB onboard intel GMA rest is 80 gb sata ................ I installed age of empires III on my pc it runs fine until i play myself i.e. do not attack or defend when i do so (state of war) the game becomes damn slow...
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    extreme upgrade information

    hey guys, i have the following config 2.66 piv lga 775 512 kingstom(512 x1) intel 915glav 80 gb sata i wanna upgrade so that i can play the latest games i want info on it please recommend if i can get high proceesors by AMD (like FX - 60!!!) and where else suggest a good amd upgrade
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