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  1. johnjjx

    back again!

    Hello Everyone, It's been a while (7 years on and off). I am back again on TD. Hoping to be active again :) Peace.
  2. johnjjx

    SVG Tech HOC 40 Liquid cooler - Factory Sealed

    Model number and details: SVG Tech HOC 40 Liquid cooler Date of purchase: (27-07-2012) Reason for sale: Already got Noctua. Don't need a water cooler Warranty details: 5yrs warranty Expected Price: SOLD Location of Seller: Bengaluru http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/4589/hoc401.jpg...
  3. johnjjx

    Visiontek 4870

    FOR SALE : Visiontek 4870 512mb price : 6.2k shipped Whats included : Original box, all accessories, no-local warranty (KMD Todphod and visiontek lifetime warranty applicable). Accessories include : DVI-HDMI adapter, DVI-VGA adapter, CF bridge, component cable. reason for sale : need cash.
  4. johnjjx

    FS : 200gb sata seagate

    For sale 200gb sata2 hdd seagate model ST3200820AS 7200.10 Warranty around 15months or so. Had got a new drive rmad this year. Price 1.2k shipped
  5. johnjjx

    FS : Case fans 120mm

    For sale the below mentioned fans 1. Cooler master 120mm fan • Model number: DF1202512SELN • Size: 120x120x25mm • Voltage: 7~13.2 VDC • Speed: 1,500 rpm • Airflow: 50.4 CFM • Pressure: 1.93 mm H2O • Noise: 25.6 dBA price 150 + shipping 2...
  6. johnjjx

    FS : Nokia N82 - local warranty 6-7 months old

    Price : 11k shipped. location : mumbai bought for 19.8k bill shall be provided Only genuinely interested persons pm me...for pics and other details. Please dont low ball. Use pm's. Thanx.
  7. johnjjx

    FS : Palit 4850

    For sale is a palit 4850 with custom zalman cooler... shorter than any other 4850 and runs pretty cool at 40 deg idle and 54 full load...at 6% fan speed (as shown in gpu-z) Price 5.6k shipped (dropped from 6k) buy date : nov 08 or so reason for sale : need cash.
  8. johnjjx

    FS : ati 4850

    Palit 4850 7 mnths old, national 3yrs warranty Dual slot edition with better cooler and smaller size than ref design. Price 6k shipped location baroda Comes with original bundle and box. Sale only for few days Need money SOLD
  9. johnjjx

    FS : 120GB IDE and Nintendo Wii-mote

    For sale : Item 1. Maxtor Diamondmax16 model no. 4R120l0 serial no. R34J86PE No warranty left. OEM drive http://img526.imageshack.us/img526/8382/324k.jpg http://img521.imageshack.us/img521/1175/3234.jpg price 1.2k shipped Hardly used IDE drive Item 2. Nintendo wii-mote...
  10. johnjjx

    FS: 200gb Seagate Sata2

    Seagate ST3200820AS Update : SOLD location : Baroda, Gujarat. Update : An unused Maxtor 120GB IDE drive available. Outta warranty however the built is excellent. 1.2k shipped.
  11. johnjjx

    FS: ATI 4850 with zalman cooler

    For sale is a palit 4850 with custom zalman cooler... shorter than any other 4850 and runs pretty cool at 40 deg idle and 54 full load...at 6% fan speed (as shown in gpu-z) Price 7k + shipping buy date : end of oct 2008 so only 3 months or so old. reason for sale : need cash. p.s. Very...
  12. johnjjx

    FS: Galaxy 7300gt pcie

    as the title says a 7300gt pcie for sale.. warranty left more than 1yr...havent registered on site so mite be the user gets full 3yrs warranty. it canbe ocd like hell... here's a screenshot of the gpu-z http://img360.imageshack.us/img360/6633/7300gtpa8.jpg...
  13. johnjjx

    FS: e4300 c2d processor

    for sale is an e4300 proccy l2 stepping...on behalf of a friend.. 1.5yrs old...with stock hsf. price 3k + shipping.(negotiable to some extent) pming me would be useless for LOWBALLERs.:cool:
  14. johnjjx

    FS: CM K640 Xdream cooler for AMD sockets

    sellin the cooler master k640 xdream cooler. moving to intel platform so no use... the cooler is very silent. more info check the link CoolerMaster XDream K640 :: News :: www.hardwarezone.com® price: 350 + shipping at actuals. Product Specifications Fan Speed: 800 ~ 2,800 RPM...
  15. johnjjx

    X2 3800+,A8N-E, 1gb ddr, xp120+panaflo fan

    X2 3800+,A8N-E, 1gb ddr, xp120+panaflo fan, audigy, p4 proccy 1. amd x2 3800 (canb ocd to 2.8ghz) 1.5k some warranty left note : only proccy chip availabe if u want a hsf i can supply u with a cm xdream cooler. 2. asus a8n-e(rmad 2mnths back new pc) 1.2k warranty left around 10mnths+ 3...
  16. johnjjx

    Fs: 450w psu odyssey goin cheap

    Selin 1yr old. Wrnty left is 1yr. Price 200+shiping
  17. johnjjx

    Sbs 580 5.1 n 256 x 2 ddr400 ram

    Selin creative 5.1 sbs 580 fr 1.5k;-) Rams 256 x 2 ddr400 simmtronics. No wrnty lft. Workin fine 0.5k + shipping.
  18. johnjjx

    FS: Powersafe gold 400w dual rail 14a @12v1 13a @12v2

    Selin powersafe 400w. A robust psu. More than 2yrs wrnty left. Price .9k+shipping. Retails fr 1.55k. Lowballers stay outa thread. Location baroda.
  19. johnjjx

    creative sbs 580 5.1 speakers fr 1.5k

    sellin creative sbs 580 5.1 speakers around 1yr old reason for sale: dun use it much. p.s the line in(green) got loose so changed it..working flawless. canb modest for gamin n movies. price 1.5k + shipping.
  20. johnjjx

    Fs: Amd64 Rig

    Selin my amd rig Amd 64 3000+ venice dh-e6 steppin. Does 2.5ghz Asus a8n-e (new rmad 1mnth) 1gb zion ram 3-3-3-8. Mre than 1yr wrrnty left on al. Price 3.5k+shiping
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