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    Questions about my PS3 and playing games purchases from abroad

    I got the 80gb ps3(the one which ships with uncharted and GT 5 prologue). Since new games are expensive in shops or websites like ebay.IN, I thought maybe I could order games from ebay.COM;the games are cheaper over there. So, will my PS 3 run international games from countries like US etc...
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    [By Demand] May 2009

    Please provide all the maps of the free game Wolfenstein Enemy territory. They shouldn't be a problem for you, 200 odd mb(all the maps). Please you are my last hope . All the friends I made playing that game have moved to another server and my connection is very slow to download these files...
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    Urban Terror - Fun Over Realism

    Plese help me. I installed urban terror and clicked on pay online no server appeared. What may I do ? Cn I join the DIGIT Clan?How?
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    Which is your favourite genre ?

    The title says it all. Mine are FPS and RPG.
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    [By Demand] March 2009

    Please include urban terror 4.1 in you next digit DVD and maps too if you can. Please include wolfenstein enemy territory maps too. Thanking you One of your biggest fans Shayan
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    Anyone interested in playing COD 1 with me or any Enemy Territory players

    My connection isnt fast enough to download it. Does any digit DVD have it ?
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    My favourite weapon is.. I hate...

    Hey guys post the weapon you hate too.
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    Anyone interested in playing COD 1 with me or any Enemy Territory players

    Anyone interested in playing COD 1 with me or any Enemy Territory players.
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    Suggest best multiplayer free online game.

    Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is the best in this class. Take my word and get it from digit DVD OCT. or some or download it for FREE. BTW catch me on servers Fun Bronze 2 Fun Beginners 2 Name Shayan
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    OLD Games forum

    This forum has been dedicated to old games. Which was ur favorite last gen game BTW. Mine was God of War.
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    My favourite weapon is.. I hate...

    Let me start. My favourite weapons are gravity gun(Half Life), sniper rifle I hate steyn
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    help! help! in big trouble

    I want to buy a new computer which can play 2-3 year old games at good resolutions. My budget is 5 to 6 lakhs. Please help
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    Does every game support a reolution of 1440x900 ? At what fps will call of duty 4 run on an xfx 9600gt at a resolution of 1440x900
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    outperforming x360

    :?:will a core 2 duo 2.4 ghz,9600gt or 8800gt , 2 gb raam outperform the xbox360:?:
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    which graphics chips power the X360 and ps3 ?

    Which graphics chips power the X360 and ps3 ?:rolleyes:
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    Buying a graphics card

    I want an nvida graphics card upto 7.5k with a call of duty 4 bundle. Which 1 should I go for
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    Suggestion Box

    When will you guys review graphics cards !!!! It is the need of the hour.
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    Game Screenshots

    Please post screenshots or even HD vedios of the latest PC games like COD 4 on resolutions of 1440x900 as I want to know how good they look on 9600GT
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    Gaming Pc Help

    Please suggest a gaming pc for rs. 35000 :confused:
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