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    Used XBOX 360 Games and Accessories

    HI, I've got the following games to sell. 1) Forza Motorsport 2 2)Burnout Revenge 3)F.E.A.R 4)PGR3 5)Smackdown vs RAW 2007 PRICE:RS 1000 - 1500 ACCESSORIES 1)XBOX 360 Controller 2)20 GB Hard Disk 3)Play and Charge kit All accessories price negotiable LOCATION: Pune...
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    HDTV Question

    I have a 26" Samsung bordeaux HDTV and I have my xbox 360 hooked with Component cables (those 5 cables on the premium edition) . If I buy a VGA cable will it give better quality than component as the monitor has a d-sub input as well?
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    PC or 360?

    Hi, 1.I was thinking of buying a new PC with the following specs: AMD X2 4200+ 2 GB DDR RAM @ 400 Mhz Asus n-Force 4 SLI Motherboard Geforce 7800 GT etc. Total cost :Rs 75,000 OR 2.A XBOX 360 Premium edition from ebay or when it launches here(see below). A good 29" TV...
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    Help me buy a new CPU

    HI i reside in pune. i wanted to assemble a new computer. i went to baba electronics but he is only offering an AMD Athlon X2 4200+. where can i get a X2 4400+ or X2 4800+ in pune? PS:is X2 4200+ okay?
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    GTA San Andreas frame limiter

    Is there a way to increase san andreas frame limiter in v1.01 of the game. I wonder why they set it to 25 fps in the first place. Do help if you know the way.Remember in v1.01 of the game,not the original.
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    HOW TO USE VoIP ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want a tutorial on how to use VoIP.plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllz.
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    SAN ANDREAS HELP !!! Urgent

    Thanks Pal! I cannot express my gratitude in words. As you can see from my user ID, I am a great fan of GTA myself.
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    SAN ANDREAS HELP !!! Urgent

    Can someone tell me which stores keeps San Andreas for the pc.Say,in Mumbai,Bangalore etc ? Please Help !!! If somebody has bought it (original version) tell me where to get it from.My first priority would be Mumbai.Also give the address. Thank you.
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    HEY! I found this neat tweak on gtaforums.com to change the SAN ANDREAS frame limiter.With due respect to the original author there I present you the tweak. Download HIEW here: http://www.serje.net/sen/ Extract the files to any folder.Then place HIEWDEMO.EXE in the SAN ANDREAS root folder...
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    San Andreas Patch

    Does anyone of you have the new gta san andreas 1.01 patch.if so,does it correct the frame limiter and set it to 30 fps instead of the 25 fps initially.
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    Smoothing out games

    Kindly read attentively.I am suggesting others to keep the frame limiter on,not turning it off myself.I know its benefits,and to remove stuttering a refresh rate of 85 hz is required.
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    are pc gamers better of than console gamers?

    Its quite useless comparing consoles to the pc.Anyone playing on a high end pc is as happy as someone playing on a console.Those with low and medium pc configurations will find the console experience better.
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    One of my first neat tricks to a better gaming experience in GTA is to turn on the frame limiter.And if you feel that it lags or is jerky to play after doing so,then follow these steps: 1:First determine at which resolution your monitor supports a minimum of 85 hz refresh rate.Then set your...
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    Grand Theft Auto Queries Users may feel free to post their queries about any of the Grand Theft Auto games.These queries may include graphical settings,gameplay,mission queries etc.I will try to answer as many as I can,and otherwise also there are other people to help.
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    gta jalwa

    Go to gamespot.under advanced search selectively search for games that have a perfect 10 in various fields such as gameplay,sound,value,tilt and you will find at least one of the gta titles under each of these categories.in graphics though try a 9.
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    broken cd

    Try the cd copy function in nero.create a copy of the cd.If its the first cd it wont work though.
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    Strange Problem

    turn the frame limiter inside vice city to on.problem solved.
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    The 'Underdog' Games....list 'em please!

    may i suggest trackmania.
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    Smoothing out games

    Instead of playing at higher resolutions and low refresh rates,it is much better to play at low resolutions and higher refresh rates.Trust me.Try it and you will know the difference.You will find that eye strain is zero at 85 hz,so you can play for a longer period of time without fatigue. As...
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    Smoothing out games

    Yes,you got that right bro.Now even if it gets below 30 fps to say 28,you will still experience smooth gameplay.All thanks to the high refresh rates.Believe me as i have have played games at 60 hz all my life,and I am enjoying them truly only now.Also turning off vertical sync will help in all...
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