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    How to setup Netgear wireless router to access WI-FI

    Hii U need to access your Wifi router at its default ip(generally or .1.1) and find security settings tab . Find sumthng related to SSID and enter your wifi name and AP .
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    Is networking domain a low paying job?

    No offence here ,Crazylamhe, buddy . I am an Engineer who works as a Network Solution Architect. I am a CCNA , CCNA Security , CCNP and CCIE Security written certified . As you said NA+NP = Btech is a kind of joke... Those guys cn never compete with an engineer in a lot of aspects . Most...
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    CCNA +CCNP.. Good for future or not?

    Ya its is good choice . But dnt expect much in terms of package since a fresher is considered inapt to handle live networks . But as you get experienced you cn demanda lot. As far as i knw there are a lot off CCNP's in the market and i am one of those .
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    Doubts regarding Career in Computer Security

    Its good that you knw alot abt the current industry standards these certs are helpful but will get you an entry. Dnt expect high packages since ur nt experienced enough .
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    How to setup Netgear wireless router to access WI-FI

    Hii Its easy just install wireless router driver as from CD given with it and follow all steps . CHoose WKEPV2 as your medium. Plz explain your problem in detail if you encounter any .
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    Hii What i understand is that RHCSS is security line in Linux Red Hat systems .CCNA+CCNP is ROuting/switching line . If you want to pursue network securities you should go for in this order CCNA+CCNA SEcurity +CCNP Security. Both are nice paid lines and your intrest is vital what way...
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    Is networking domain a low paying job?

    Buddy , generally if u stay in the same company ur packages wont appreciate much . Suppose you switch jobs and ur a commendable candidate you can easily command arnd 7 - 9 lakhs pa . If you cn be a CCIE and have good experience arnd 5 you cn go upto 15 lakh pa
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    Is networking domain a low paying job?

    Hii This dilema always was one i started with . I was actually good in coding but i choose networks over code and MBA. I am CCNA , CCNA security ,CCNP and CCIE security written certified.I passed my engineering in 2011 and am currently empolyed in Network Solution Architect profile...
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