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    Good home theatre system.

    Hello, I am moving to a new house and hence, can now buy all the new stuff I wanted. I am planning to set up a 4k Blu Ray HDR entertainment centre. TV : LG 55UH850T Blu-ray Player : Xbox One S Now, as for audio, I have a budget left of around 50-60k. Would like to get some good...
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    |Urgent| Please provide expert advise/comments on this configuration.(For Gaming; Budget is 70000)

    Re: |Urgent| Please provide expert advise/comments on this configuration.(For Gaming; Budget is 7000 Get an i5 at least. i5 6400 : 13000 Go with H110M chipset motherboard as you wont be overclocking. Try to get a single 8GB RAM stick if possible. (H110M have 2 DIMM slots, you want easier...
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    IPS Monitor Suggestion

    Hey, I need a good monitor within 20,000 INR. Confused between 27 and 24 inch. PPI for 27 inch seems to an issue. These the choices : 1. LG 27MP77HM - 27 inch - With Speaker - 20k 2. LG 24MP77HM - 24 inch - With Speaker - 14k 3. AOC I2769VM - 27 inch - With Speaker - 16k 4. Dell...
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    Need a config for 45k.. for programming / gaming purpose.

    You could try skipping Skylake and getting older 4th gen Intel processor's. Then you could possibly save few more thousands on motherboard (by getting B85 chipset) and few bucks of RAM. Combine the savings and get a good GPU.
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    Gaming PC Build 2016

    Seems difficult in this budget given. Skylake DDR4 motherboards cost upward 10k. Then there is higher cost for DDR4 sticks itself. For playing modern games at high settings 1080p, you need a 970 which is around 25k. What you could do if get Skylake now, and wait for GPU. There is speculation...
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    Is it worth going for HP AIO desktop 23 q142in?

    Hardware wise, yup they maybe under powered. But OS X makes them run really fast. A macbook can do a 4k editing. Which PC at that hardware can do it. Apple products are well worth the price. If you see a competing company, the same material, build and finish quality costs usually more than that...
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    Is it worth going for HP AIO desktop 23 q142in?

    Requirements for OP are not high. Why are you suggesting a 1 L build? His requirements can be done at a much lower price. Given the requirements and budget, OP could easily get a PC that performs optimally and looks good as well. I would suggest OP to get iMac or a Mac Mini at this budget...
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    On Buying A PC RIG

    Kingston 32GB DDR4 ECC RAM (x8) Amazon: Amazon.com: kingston KVR21R15D4/32 Kingston KC400 1TB Business SSD (x8) Amazon: Amazon.com: kingston 1tb ssd Lime Technology unRAID Server Pro Software Manufacturer Link: LimeTech Caselabs Mercury S8 Amazon: n/a Manufacturer Direct: Mercury S8 -...
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    [REQUEST]Upgrade suggestions for 6 yr old PC

    Now is not a good time to upgrade. Wait for few months. NVidia Pascal and AMD Zen are just around the corner.
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    Help me buy a new monitor

    Why ;( It got 144Hz. 4 ms.
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    Config Within 20k + SSD

    As with SSD, try to get Samsung Pro series instead of evo or other brands. The speed difference is quite noticeable.
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    Need a KB&M combo under 3k

    Cooler Master Devastater is the most suggested KB, Mouse combo. Just one thing. If you are trying to work in MS Excel, the backlit of keyboard (turned on/off through scroll lock key), causes some minor issues in software. The mouse have a 200 dpi sensor. You could get upto 3200 though other...
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    Help me buy a new monitor

    I don't know why you hate ultrawide, but they are really awesome.(Specially in productivity) There is no difference in U2515H and U2715H, except those 2 inches. But, none of them support G Sync, and they both have 8 ms response time and are 60Hz. You are better off buying ASUS MG279Q
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    Help me buy a new monitor

    Is 27" and 1440p the max size and resolution you would need ? In that budget I would suggest nothing less than LG 34UM67 or 34UC87. 21:9 ultrawide is the way to go.
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    Urgent PC buying advice needed

    Maybe you could get some good performance pc with AMD APU and crossfire GPU with it. Or i3 + 750Ti. As Goku said, it would be good to get him a PS4/Xbox One . They would run better than a low budget PC and would be fine for years to come.
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    Query: Purchasing upgrade for PC from US

    Nice budget. Don't go for standard 2.5 inch SSD in that budget. They are limited by motherboard SATA speed. Try to get M.2 socket SSD or complete PCE based SSD if your motherboard supports them. They are already faster and will get only faster after driver updates.
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    Help Urgent : Expert Advise Needed for Assembled PC

    Hey, trying to get a youtube channel ? Final cut pro is an OS X only application. You would need to get a mac or build a hackintosh (say bye to AMD if going for hackintosh) . As with GPU, it does not help much in rendering, but that doesn't mean that it don't help. It helps in accelerating some...
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    Gaming Rig for 60k + 5k reserve

    An i5 6600k costs around 18k. Plus 15k for Motherboard. Additional 25k for GTX 970. Leaves around 7k for RAM, Cooler and power supply. Within Budget CPU : Intel i5 6500 : 15999 Motherboard : Z170-P ATX : 11299 RAM : Corsair LPX 2400 (8 GB) : 4905 (I know this is not in dual channel. Will...
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