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    Official Samsung I5801 Thread

    gopi those company bundled headphones work good for hearing music or video files but I tried to use it with receiving call but it doesn't work some how . is there any settting which I am missing ? for recieving call as per our Samsung Device guide , we...
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    Official Samsung I5801 Thread

    I am looking for good SMS app which I can use to forward , delete etc thing . searched market but haven't found any good , any 1 using such apps ?
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    Official Samsung I5801 Thread

    @madtang , about 3g , i. use it on bsnl. 3g but it. doesn't. seems to. be. battery hungry @ gollum i bought on diwali 11390/- in gujarat
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    Official Samsung I5801 Thread

    this is same for me also . but sometime it doesn't drain that much even if I use it too much :-? also do post your views(positive & negative) for any apps from market on regular basis as we know there are thousands of it & our view might help all of us...
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    Official Samsung I5801 Thread

    well I don't use phone whole day , as it's having new sim but occasional gaming or few browsing during work break thats all , no calling yet started but still same . also let's say battery @ 30 % , you put it on charging , how much time it should take...
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    Official Samsung I5801 Thread

    my GPS , Wi fi , blue tooth etc are shut off & I frequently use Advanced Task killer but some how my battery doesn't last long more than 23 hours :cry: after 30 % if I put it "countinue using battery " it just shut off without any notice anytime . is there...
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    Official Samsung I5801 Thread

    alright everyone , from other forum someone suggested me to have "easytether lite" from android market for 3G connection use with our desktop or laptop . I have installed it , go to settings> applications > Development >enble USB debugging. follow instructions...
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    Official Samsung I5801 Thread

    @gopi , thanks for help . I think after practicing & doing as per manual we can learn better . have u accessed internet on PC or laptop using 3G ? I got BSNL 3G , have browsed & downloded apps on phone but still not tried on laptop , any tips ?
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    Official Samsung I5801 Thread

    I just bought this phone yesterday . 1)right now I having trouble with editing contacts . as per manual it for edit - press Menu button then edit or other options will pop up , but duno wht I am doing wrong it's not showing up . 2 ) how to add data to SD...
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    LOST SErials from DD1!!

    are you sure ? I browse their website but haven't found their such sell stuff of Old serials/shows :cry:
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    "Airtel Fair Usage Policy" Limits on Unimited Broadband!

    I am using their service from last 2 year , never got such forced throttle downgrade . I am with 384 UL & my monthly UL + DL total comes around 195 GB /month & that too each month . Even before it was with 256 UL , I maxed out all , still not got degraded or...
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    Undersea Cable cut again!

    net is sometime stable but sometime just .... sometime having issue with ping with dns :(
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    India suffers massive internet disruption after undersea cables break

    http://technology.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/tech_and_web/the_web/article5372294.ece http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7792688.stm enjoy the slow speed :rolleyes:
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    Create a RUMOUR for 2009¿. Come in and Enjoy!

    BSNL starts 100 mbps home connections with download & upload uncapped , price 500 Rs/month :rolleyes: economic slowdown grips more , sells goes poor ........ Suzuki cuts Hayabusa prices ......... it will cost only 1.25 lakh Rs only Govt bans all...
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    How Much Did You Downloaded Last Month???

    Total download = 60 GB Total Upload = 68 GB I have 256 UL Tata :rolleyes:
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    Where to get Custom WordPress Theme done?

    I like to add that designer is going to get one special "autographed" gift of Emma Watson with her personal message with your name . so now get us best of best :twisted:
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    Price of blank DVD media

    whts the current price of Dual layer DvD-R right now in the market if available ? I saw Re-writable Dual layer DvD-r from Moser cost around 100 Rs /piece . so any idea of it ? :confused:
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    might be below 15 , just hearing & reading about only "gains/booms" about stocks/MFs :rolleyes:
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    I am so close to becoming a housewife...

    ow so many ppl know how to cook , I feel hungry - I am making list of all of them & preparing list whichever they can make :rolleyes:
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    Tatas' Rs 1 lakh car at Auto Expo 2008

    if that photo is correct then it's similar to that electric car "Reva" :p 2 seating car for 1.2 lakh - buyer will say why not get cheap 2nd hand 4 or more seater other car or will say I will pay more buy other 4 seater .
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