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    Windows XP rescue disc

    Hi how do i make a windows XP rescue disc?
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    CMOS setting wrong

    hi whenever i put my computer on i get a message saying CMOS setting wrong.what should i do?
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    downloaded website problems.

    hi have downloaded HTTrack the open source website downloader.i have also downloaded a website with it.the problem is whenever i try to access the site i get the dreaded login and password boxes.how do i get past these now that the site is there on my hard dirve.
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    password lost

    hi i have some ebooks compressed with RAR while uncompressing them there is a prompt for the password which i do not have .what can i do?
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    downloaded ebook not opening

    Hi i had downloaded some books from the net onto my pendrive.now while shifting them to my home computer i get a box saying Data error(cyclic redundancy check) .what does this mean please help.
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    to all geeks out there.

    hi,i am a doctor.there is this medical site in us which provides free streaming medical videos of examining patients eg-examination of knee,hip,heart,lungs etc.it requries a quick time player.each video is around 10 mb in size and takes a very long time to download via a 56 kbps connection.there...
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    boot sector virus

    hi i have infected my computer with a boot sector virus.avast,avg & norton cannot do anything about it .please help.
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    hi,what is the difference between the shockwave & flash formats?
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