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    Suggest monitor with LED HDMI/DVI+HD <=10000

    Hi friends, I am thinking of buying LCD LED Monitor. Its should have HDMI & DVI Ports. Full HD is must. I have budget of Max Rs.10000. Kindly suggest. Dell ST2220L was a good choice, but its more available @ any Dell stores and also at local dealers, as Dell has stopped its production...
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    Fifa 09 - Buy Baxter - fut Growth from 71 to 90

    Hi everybody, In fifa 2009, while playing manager mode, one can safely buy Baxter - he is Everton player, his future growth is from 70-71 to 90-92.........buy this player at any cost.......one will surely benefit. I have not seen any player with such high future growth attributes...
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    Fifa 09 PC - Advanced Skill Moves - Help PLzzzzz

    I tried to search on google........but it was not successful as NO PC based videos.......i heard that one can apply key combi of 2008 in 2009.............but anyone aware about advanced skills key combi. in 2008 ?
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    Fifa 09 PC - Advanced Skill Moves - Help PLzzzzz

    Hi, I just bought Fifa 2009 - PC version. I want to know how to perform Advanced skills - in short how to beat defender. Which keyboard key combinations to be used ? I went through Fifa 2009's own tips and tricks section but its damn poor....nothing is specifically mentioned. I...
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    Plzzz plzzzz plzzz help - How to change guest admin account in vista

    Hi friends, I have Microsoft Vista Home premium installed on my laptop. I had administrator account – “Manoj” on with password. But my brother logged into my account using my password, created Guest account and gave administrator status to guest account and now I cannot change anything...
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    Is Making Karaoke Possible ??

    Dear Friends, I have some regional / local language songs sung by my relatives................i want to make a karaoke of it. Is it possible ??? My few friends are of the opinion that it can be done but it requires to buy expensive softwares. Is it true ? PLease...
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    Pen Drive Problem - Plzzz help

    Hi Friends, Whenever i plug my pen drive into USB port, It gets detected and it is shown in My computer......but its shows its properties as follows - Free Space - 0 Bytes Used Space - 0 Bytes Whenever i try to formet it, it gives back me error messege - " There is No disk, Insert...
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    Which is good Photo Sharing Website ?

    Hi, I want to post some family photos on the website. I am interested in having private gallery of the same which i will share with my friends and relatives. So i would like to know which is good website to do the so ? is kodakgallery better than picasa ?? Plzzz reply with ur expert...
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    How to save in Virtual Tennis 3 ?

    Hi Friends, I installed Virtual Tennis 3 ( SEGA GAMES ) on my PC. When i started to play game......i was shocked to see that there is no save option in main menu........but there is option to load from hard disk. What this is all about? how to save game in VT3 ? Plzzzzz plzzzz...
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    COD 4 - PC Restarted............all saved games lost

    Hi, I was playing COD 4.........I had almost completed ACT 2....and sudenly lights went off.......when later i started the PC.........I was shocked to notice that My profile was there in game......but no saved games.......which mean i will have to start it again ?? when i searched...
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    How to Convert Video Files into MPEG 4 or M4V Format?

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    Windows 2000 - How to Format with NTFS ?

    Many Many Thxxx mr.Quiz Master and Mr.Nucleus core................my problem got solved. Again thxxxx for ur expert advice.
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    Windows 2000 - How to Format with NTFS ?

    Hi Friends, I am facing problems. PLzzzzzzzz Help me out. I am having windows 2000 installed on my PC - C drive. Its having FAT32 system. I have deleted everything on my D drive.....and now i want to format it with NTFS option. How to do it ? I tried by right-clicking on D drive and...
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    Plzzz Help.....can not install COD 4.....

    Edited by ctrl_alt_del
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    prince of persia.the two thrones problem.please help.

    u should have clicked yes instead of no......................tell me more abt RAM, Graphic Card....
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    Stalker - Cross-hair gets invisible in middle of game.

    Hi friends, Whenever i start playing game..............it starts perfectly but while shooting the enemies..........i can not aim proeprly as i can not see cross-hair.....so i can not kill enemies.......i checked all the options....but still its happening......does it require any patch ...
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    Domplayer - Where to download ?

    Hi friends, I want Domplayer to play some video files. I "google" for the same but i could not get proper sites........ so I request everbody to plzzzz let me know abt d same. Bye Thxxxx in advance. Manoj
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    How to make Good quality WAV ringtone ?

    Hey friends, I want to make WAV ringtone.......its should be upto max.1mb and also its should be of superior sound quality. neone knows how to do that ? which software is best ? Kindly reply........ Thxx in advance. Regards, Manoj
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    NFS-Carbon: How TO Drift: Which Keys To Use ?

    Hey Friends, Few days ago i installed NFS Carbon on my pc, but i could not drift properly, plzzzzzzzzzz let me know how to drift ? which key combinations should be used ?? How to score by hitting X20 ??? waiting for reply from u all gamerz regards, Manoj.
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    Which game do u think has the best storyline EVER?

    Max Payne 1 & 2 Prince Of Persia
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