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    Windows 10 with old recover

    Will installing windows 10 insider preview on another partition affect my old windows 7 recovery?
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    Mobile(Android) under 24k

    Was seeing xperia zl 23.9k at indiatimes but it went out of stock when I went to order :-x (Any coupon code or time to wait for its price to come down on snapdeal or at others) Can any one here comment on battery life and camera of Nexus 4( on kitkat ) ..(Reviews are not so true about battery)...
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    Which is better for gaming an i5 with nvidia gt650m or i7 with raedon hd7730?

    My main purpose is gaming. I want to pla y upcoming gtaV bf3 etc high graphics 3d game. s smoothly whether it is on ultra medium or or low setting (not too low :) ) . My budget is 50k but can add 5k. From my above question you must got an idea of which laptop am I taking i.e. Samsung n550p5c...
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