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    strange virus problem plz give it a look(very urgent)

    Hi everybody once again i need ur help yesterday i connect my flash drive to my system and it detected a virus but i was not able to clean it and i thought it enters in my system too from that point i m facing some problems. I scanned my system and my antivirus app got some infections...
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    suggest me a 1 gb cheapest available mp3 player

    guys plz suggest me a 1 gb or more cheapest available mp3 player with warranty and charger (not AAA battery type) :confused:
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    having trouble with windows sound recorder need help

    [tab]hi everybody I m facing some trouble with windows sound recorder. Yesterday I was recording sound from a cd rom's content using windows sound recorder and that time it was working fine. then i made some changes to windows volume control, after that it's not working at all i hav tried...
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    iball pen tablet 5540U

    iball pen tablet 5540U with bill (1-1-2008) hey guys want to sell my brand new packed iball pen tablet model 5540U purchased today from nehru place price 1850rs + shipping ( with bill dated 1 january 2008 rediff price 2498rs + shipping...
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    plz guys advice me a graphic tablet

    hey guyz once again i need yr advice i want to purchase a graphic digital tablet. i find while googling that wacom is the best brand in tablets but it is very costly any one plz suggest me any other brand u people r using. plz guys help me out
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    is 7% duty cut on laptops is in effect or not?

    Hi friends I just want to ask is 7 percent duty cut on laptops is in effect or not? if yes on which brand model etc plz reply
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    acer 4710 laptop at 32K need ur techie review

    http://www.compareindia.com/specification/laptops/acer-aspire-4710nwxmi-173-ghz/19751 guys plz check this link and tell me shd i buy this laptop at 32k or someone else and one more thing some people told me that there is some issue with acer's product and service what do u think guys? its...
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    samsung dvd writer not reading on my computer

    Hey friends You people just soughed a problem of mine. And now u have to sought one more I just took my cousin's samsung dvd writer to burn some dvd's Its burning but not able to read any kind of dvd's strange thing it is reading cd's nicely And working fine on my cousin's system My config...
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    optical drives and virtual drive not working

    Hey friends Again i needed ur help. I have 1 dvd drive and 1 cd writer and i installed one cd mount software. Today when i open My computer it was not showing my optical drives and virtual drive and when i put the CD to check the drives it was not working. I checked the hardware property of...
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    ram upgrade advice needed

    Hey friends I want to upgrade my system's ram My mobo is Mercury PI845GLM-L & 256 mb sdram dont know the frequency My mobo support ddr 266mhz ram I want to add 1gb ram Can i add ddr 400mhz ram as it is easily available what to do very much confused :confused: Thanks in advance
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