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    Best gfx under 10k

    Some dealers in nagpur have quoted me 1)9.8k for zotac 750ti 2 GB oc edition 2)8.6k for sapphire R7 260x 2 GB oc edition Which is the best bang for my buck for next 3 years of 1080p gaming ? Also Pls tell me which is or might be most stable ? (don't want to start an amd vs nvidia war here)...
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    Cheapest gaming rig with 750ti and R7 250x.

    Hi guys need suggestion for two rigs with these two graphics cards. The rigs need to be as cheapest as possible. El cheapo [emoji16]. Monitor included. 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work'...
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    Best VFM laptop under 60k.

    1)Dell inspiron 3537 (47k) -15. 6 inch 1280*768 touch display -Intel i5 ulv processor -840m 2 GB graphics -4 Gigs ram -Backlit keyboard -2.2 kgs @47k flipkart 2)Lenovo y510p i5 (48k) Getting through a dealer last piece -15.6 inch FHD 1080P DISPLAY -Intel i5 m processor -8 GIGS RAM...
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    Mean Backlit laptop !!

    Isn't there any stylish mean look lappies other than z510 and y510p ?? Doesn't any laptop under 60k possess a 840m,badass Backlit keyboard and looks.
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    Best buy @60k for entertainment and gaming.

    What's the best buy@ 60k. I would be buying locally. Need moderate gaming lappie with best screen. Which one's best Lenovo z50 i7 FHD /lenovo Y510p /Lenovo z510 i7.
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    Laptop under 45000/-

    I am currently studying engineering in civil. Need a badass laptop that can run run basic softwares and all games uptil now and two years from now on @moderate or low settings. Pls don't suggest TN panel laptops. And pls tell whether the viewing angles and color reproduction of the laptop...
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