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    T-sonic 610 or 630

    I think thye folders will be seen only when you record some FM radio or do some recording with the microphone. The two folders you will seen then are FM and VOICE.
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    Any webmaster here? I need Help.URGENT

    I think you can use Javascript to disallow right-click on images/page/ Secondly you can send a frog or something just like imageshack did. These tricks can be used only with novice webmasters.However they will atleast help to reduce the stealing atleast to some extent I think!
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    Keyboard does not work sometimes-Need help

    yep!I tried connecting my friends keyboard and it worked.I think some problem with my keyboard. I think I will buy a new one! Thanks for your suggestions,they worked!:)
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    Keyboard does not work sometimes-Need help

    Hi, I am facing this problem for some time with my keyboard. When I start my PC,sometimes the keyboard does not start. I have always observed in the past that when I start my PC the 3 leds on my keyboard are lit for some time till PC starts but now none of these leds work and keyboard...
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    My XP Auto Logins... I hate it!!

    s18000rpm,thanks for the solution.Even I was looking for it! :)
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    Firewall rulez / rule based firewall???

    I think Comodo Personal Firewall allows this.
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    video splitter

    Yes, VirtualDub is a freeware. Get it from virtualdub.org But if you want to split .wmv files,then VirtualDub will not work. Use Windows Movie Maker for that. It may already be installed on your PC
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    Get hard-copy of your Gmail emails for FREE from Google!!!

    Hi friends, check out this new give away service from GOOGLE. http://mail.google.com/mail/help/paper/more.html Google claims that the service is FREE but do check its "Tems of USe" link below the page
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    ****Issues in content of "Digit" DVD/CD****

    Some time back I think I too had found some infection in the Serif Photoplus 6 copy provided on Digit CD.
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    Hutch ppl BEWARE ! ! !

    Hutch sucks and their customer care sux more.
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    alt+ctrl+del...plz help

    Can you try this please: Open the Run dialog and type taskmgr.exe
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    Bill Gates Irate at Apple PC Guy Question, Storms Out of Interview

    Give me a break from Windows,Mac,Apple,Linux :D
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    Digital photography tutorials

    Great site!
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    Set an image as a background of a window

    Great tutorial. I will try this one for sure!
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    Searching in this forum

    But how come that this happens only in TD forum. In no other vBulletin forum I have ever seen such inaccurate results. I think the administrators need to set some options more properly.
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    Searching in this forum

    The best way is to use Google,because the TD search enegine functionas like almost and anti-search engine :D For eg:If I want to search for 'Blackberry',the this is what I tyoe in Google term field: blackberry inurl:thinkdigit
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    .PDF help

    @seXie Your tip worked. Reps added :) @Shashank I will try NitroPDF soon. @Sukhdeep I was trying to print from MS Notepad.
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    Go2pdf-- real good software

    Cute PDF writer is vista compatible. It requires Ghostscript. http://www.cutepdf.com/Products/CutePDF/writer.asp
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    .PDF help

    @ Rakesh Thanks for the idea.Though that did not help me for this isssue,I got something else useful from it, :) @SaKumar(Arun) I tried as you said but could not find the setting.But this time when I used wordpad,the location was not printer.Previouslt I was using notepad. @mkmkmk Use...
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    .PDF help

    I printed this .pdf file using Cute PDF writer Please help me to avoid printing that address of the file. Thank you.
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