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    IMPORTANT: Reserve Bank to withdraw all pre-2005 currency notes from circulation

    i have less than Rs 500 in cash . I don't think my family keeps much cash . so no issue for us .
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    Apple relaunching 8GB iPhone 4 in India to boost sales

    At 15000 (without any buyback) iphone 4 is very good mobile for most people . Better than Samsung grand ,duos etc and chinese mobiles and clones . Good quality ,durbale ,style it has everything . Its camera is better than most mid range android . My relatives wanted to buy a mobile in 15k-20k...
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    iOS price drops (time sensitive)

    26 Dec : Got free songs from apple
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    iOS price drops (time sensitive)

    Instapaper is free this week .
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    Is Gujarat really as developed as NaMo and the BJP claim?

    I have been to many cities in Gujarat and yes it is developed compared to states like UP or even other states.Even in rural areas and tier 2 cities roads are better. But none of the indian states can be compared to developed countries.
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    iOS price drops (time sensitive)

    Thanks Anorion.Downloaded infinity blade.
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    Official iOS devices thread

    Is it possible to download stuff using torrent in iPAD ?
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    Best android games you have played.

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    New Optical Drive

    Best strategy is to backup very important docs online and back up rest (video,audio,photos etc) in external HDD and optical media. Verbatim is very good. I have used sony also and most of the DVD i have burned in 2007 are working fine even today.
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    Apple's iOS 7 makes users sick

    I have upgraded my ipad and dont have any issues.I like the new iOS.
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    iOS price drops (time sensitive)

    Good work ..Thanks for regular update.
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    Nexus 7 2012 16 GB for Rs 9999 ONLY

    great deal for general purpose tablet..
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    From the Editor's Desk

    i was going to subscribe..But it is only for existing subscriber of cip,data quest etc or DIGIT..
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    Apple iPhone 5C to start from Rs 30,000 and iPhone 5S from 52,900 :O

    These are not the offcials prices..only prices quoted by one particular website.
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    Budget iPhone 5c Awaiting From Long

    Re: Budget I Phone 5c Awaiting From Long Apple has great service in USA. Has anybody used apple customer service in India ? i have not seen any genius store in India. In USA you can bring your broken iphone to apple store and get a new iphone in 5 minutes ..I doubt the service is comparable...
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    Best android games you have played.

    These days playing rail rush and dead trigger...
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    Books/Novels Discussion Thread V1: Literary Gems

    For fantasy try game of throne series of you have not read it.. Mistborn series, black company series, tiagna, dark tower series, blade itself all are very good For science fiction try foundation series, ender series, hyperion series...
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    Books/Novels Discussion Thread V1: Literary Gems

    Finished changes by Jim Butcher. .reading wise men fear book 2 of kingkiller chronicle.
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    1 TB external hard disk under 5000

    Both western digital and sea gate is good. I have heard that wd had better ass but no experience. Flipkart is convenient and genuine but you can get better price at local place...
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    Official iOS devices thread

    Bought ipad 4.. What will be a good cover for it...
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