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  1. dibya_kol

    why does my i5 2500k processor shows hd 2000 as in cpuz?

    tried 2-3 vr of cpuz but they are all showing the same !!
  2. dibya_kol

    new mobo for 2500k.

    ok, i am done with biostar's survice and now i dicided to buy a new mobo for my 2500k cpu. I have two (1600) rams also. Now suggest me a new mobo within 7000/- range. I don't like asus for their poor service. Suggest me between intel and gigabyte. Thanks in advancd ..
  3. dibya_kol

    Biostar TZ68k+ bios(old) needed ..

    hii, i need old bios for biostar TZ68K+ vr.6 mobo. I searched biostar's site but they don't have old bios. But there is a old bios which will support 22nm cpu. But i don't need that one. I need something from 2011's which has support of 32gb ram. Thanks in advance. p.s : I have...
  4. dibya_kol

    what is faulty ?

    hi guys, i have already lost lot's of hair during this issue so i gave up and now i need some help fron u .. 8 days back in a evening i had played world of warcraft for 3-4 hrs then i shut doun my pc took rest for an hour and switched on my pc, since then the problem started...
  5. dibya_kol

    PC seems to boot but no display

    hi all, a few days ago when i turn on my pc there is no display is coming, but after few second i can here that sound while desktop is appear. that means my pc is booting properly but display is not coming. i cleaned and spewed ram slot changed power(6 pin) of my gpu. then i booted up and...
  6. dibya_kol

    Is my idle temp too high ?

    hi all, don't know is this the proper section to ask this question or not. I had installed cm hyper 212 evo couple of weeks back and i was busy for a few days so unable to monitor my cpu temp. But last night i noticed that my idle cpu temp at hardware monitor is arround 48-50c(i5-2500k...
  7. dibya_kol

    looking for 560ti 448 core ..

    hi guys, I am planning to update my gpu, now using amd 5770. And planning to jump to nvidia's 560ti 448 core. So can someone tell me, what it's price and from where i can get it ? Thanks in advancd .. :)
  8. dibya_kol

    how to oc 2500k with biostar tz68k+ mobo

    bought 2500k,biostar tz68k+ mobo and 4gb g.skill 1600mhz ram. Now i need ur help guys(a proper guide,how to oc this cpu). Thanks in advance.
  9. dibya_kol

    Need advice ..

    Hi guys, I am from Kolkata, India. I am here for ur suggestions. I am planning for update my rig and my budget is 20k max (including vat/tax). I am changing/updating cpu+mobo+4/8gb ram. Intel cpu is my 1st choice. i am thinking about 2500k+H67/Z68 mobo(gigabyte is preferable)+8...
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