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  1. entrana

    windows freezes

    after using my pc for a while, its been randomly locking up just freezing. theres no fixed timeframe but it just happens. every hard drive activity stops, no mouse moving no audio or anything there just an image of the desktop on the screen. i have to restart all the time.happens like once in...
  2. entrana

    smps clinking sound

    sometimes when i run my pc, the smps starts this clinking noise(obviously from the fan). right now its not there but it might be there soon. when i took it to repairing it just vanished. also if i lay the pc horizontally the noise vanishes. its only there when its vertical. any ideas?
  3. entrana

    laptop suggestion

    budget : 60k requirement : slight gaming, a lil high hdd and ram any ideas?? im in calcutta
  4. entrana

    Clicking sound- important

    hey guys ive been hearing this clicking sound like a fan is having an obstacle or something. it was there in my previous pc too before i smashed it and it broke down( literally). yesterday i connected another hard drive and after one day that same sound is coming. but now it comes sometimes i...
  5. entrana

    computer just freezes

    i dont know why but some times after long times or im not sure, the computer just freezes and i notice the hard drive led stops blinking. when i restart its all fine any ideas?
  6. entrana

    how to configure bsnl nokia siemens c2110

    any ideas also link is flashing yellow, pc/usb green , power red
  7. entrana

    very important motherboard issue

    hey guys my pc is coming on monday, being repaired. currently my mobo is phased out so im replacing it with p5n-e-sli. since they are the same chipset do i have to reinstall my os or can i just run in safe mode uninstall previous drivers and reinstall the asus drivers. also they are 650i the...
  8. entrana

    bsnl broadband query

    hey guys i applied for home 1000 but when i was just browsing through my details the plan says unlimited 750. any ideas/?
  9. entrana

    some crazy sound up in cabby

    guys u dont know what happened just started awhile ago or at least i noticed but a crankling type if sound keeps coming from my cabby. lasts for 2-5 secs and comes like every 1min. what is it.it sounds like a metal jingling. any idea. i know its a fan but i cant trsace which one. imo its the gfx
  10. entrana

    cool mmorpg FlyFF

    have any of u tried this game flyff. its really a good mmorpg u guys shud join me post here if u join i can help u
  11. entrana

    how to remove motherboard speaker

    i have a xfx 650i. can u guys tell me how to remove the motherboard speaker from the jumper if it has one or any other way. i really want it out of my mobo
  12. entrana

    how to stop ur motherboards piezzo speaker

    there are many things on the net mostly which dont work. i found a eady way.go to device manager and click view-show hidden devices. under non plug and play, disable beep and restart.
  13. entrana

    blue screen

    i was just doing something when suddenly this dos type blue screen appeared and my pc restarted. any clues?
  14. entrana

    where to get thermal paste in kolkata

    where to get thermal paste in kol. my cpu is overheating its running like 48 on idle
  15. entrana

    mobo beeping

    i dont know why but when i play a game after like 15 minutes my mobo starts beeping like (3 short beeps contionusly without pause). when i quit the game it still beeps and when i restart it stops beeping and the process repeats. any clues please?
  16. entrana

    appcompat crap

    after sometime my pc crashes with some error , i view it it shows appcompat and svchost. next time it happens ill post it here . but the details are themes no longer work i.e. corrupted themes and loss of audio EventType : BEX P1 : svchost.exe P2 : 5.1.2600.2180 P3 : 41107ed6 P4 ...
  17. entrana

    mkv to avi?/

    guys how to convert a mkv video file with 2 audio streams to a avi file, chosing the second audio stream
  18. entrana

    new narnia movie!!

    all narnia fans there is a new narnia movie coming out namely the chronicles of narnia prince caspian. check out this wikipedia link for more details http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Chronicles_of_Narnia:_Prince_Caspian
  19. entrana

    ragnarok online 2!!

    hello all ragnarok lovers. the only working server for ro2 is out . find it at euphro2.com . i didnt try it yet but just wanted to inform all the people who love ragnarok
  20. entrana

    help in java homework anyone?

    i need a simple program, i think using for loop, to find odd numbers till a specified number using command line argument. like i want to find out all odd numbers till 10.
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