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    Looking for a point and shoot

    I am looking for a point and shoot camera with a good optical zoom. I guess 7 megapixels should be good enough. What are my options at 10k?
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    Help buying an entry level laptop

    Thanks! I'm fine with freeDos (I can install windows, right?); but I hate Linux!
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    Help buying an entry level laptop

    I am looking for a basic laptop. Will be using it for official work, mostly on MS office. It should be wi-fi enabled (are all laptops enabled these days?). My hostel in Panjab University has wi-fi at 8 mbps. It should have a good HDD though, will be storing lots of movies and music! Battery...
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    Rediff Shopping - Safe?

    OK, is ebay safe then?
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    Rediff Shopping - Safe?

    Guys, I've been looking for an ipod-like mp3 player. Look at this: Clip On MP3 Player - 8GB Expandable gifts in india at rediff shopping. Does it look safe to you guys? The warranty is 7 days only!!! Are they trying to get rid of the stock? It seems to be kind of fishy! Also, see these...
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    A cheap dual sim

    I need to buy a dual sim phone. It should be 1.5 - 2k max, because I keep on losing phones. I've seen a lot of such phones, like micromax, but they have a very frustrating interface. Don't need a camera, but an mp3 player with FM will be good. Oh, and I have a weak eyesight, so I need to...
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    Entry Level Headphones

    Which model of Philips? And how is moser bear?
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    Entry Level Headphones

    Er.. guys, by headphones, I mean the ones with headbands and HQ sound output, not in-ear phones!
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    Entry Level Headphones

    I'm looking for a good set of headphones. It should have good sound output quality. Has to be good in bass :). My budget is 500-600 bucks. What are my choices?
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    Cheap as trash mp3 players

    no, you can. Well, you won't get apple ipod reliability, but there are players better than trash, which can work fine for about a year.
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    Cheap as trash mp3 players

    I don't know man, I don't think it's reliable........ 200 bucks for an mp3 player is too freakin' odd.
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    Cheap as trash mp3 players

    Isn't it possible to get that stuff from somewhere else? And not second hand stuff...
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    Cheap as trash mp3 players

    Yeah, but that must have been used already. Dude, you can only get decent earphones for that much!
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    Cheap as trash mp3 players

    Saw a beautiful 2GB ipod shuffle, 2nd gen fake today. It cost 1300 bucks, which is definitely expensive. Are there any ipod shuffle 1st gen fakes still available in Chandigarh or Delhi. I was told you can buy them for as low as 500 bucks or 1 GB, which sounds pretty awesome! Does anyone know...
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    Guide me getting a mobile

    The bling does not look very good to me, seriously... The guys at the mobile store (reliable friends) say that it's a good buy though. Better go for some cheap nokia or mid level Samsung or LG. They've got touchscreen phones for a good price. The Nokia 5233 is just 6.6k
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    Which is the best phone @ 5K

    I need to buy a new phone. The budget is 5K Don't like touchscreen phones. Should be suitable for using GPRS and should have decent sound quality.
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    A lil' mobile network help?

    Guys, I want to get a GSM for my trip this month. I'll be going to Chennai, Thanjavar and Bangalore. I'll be buying the SIM in Chandigarh. Also, I'd like to use GPRS on the move. Which network is the best? I like the internet plans by idea, docomo and Aircel (100 bucks for a month). Also...
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    You have to watch this electrocution

    Oh man, that is crap! Please don't disturb us geeks with that stuff man........ BTW, did the cameraman know what was going to happen? He focused on the guy in the whole vid!
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    PC vs. Console

    @ Saptarishi - a PC for 65K may be future proof, but consoles at 12K are also future proof - and for a longer duration, as you have seen with the PS2. About the games being cheaper, that may be true. But not many people play original games in India...... I don't know how long it will take to...
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    Game You are Currently Addicted to

    I'm going to start with AC 2 Mobile soon. Right now I'm playing Commandos on my Nokia 5800 XM! Ah, the memories.
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