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    I found a CALER ID CAPABLE MODEM it worked too but ..

    i recently came across a caller id capable external modem from dlink the model is DFM 562 e ++ , it worked fine in blore , i ve not yet purchased, cos iam not sure abt the BSNL telphone exchange, the shopkeepr said it works only with exchanges with EBX .. wht is it and is it only in blore or...
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    Any one got good software to cut a part of dvd or vob file and convert to diffrent formats like a vcd cutter ?
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    My dvd dosent play it displays an error ... here is it on Power dvd. i have a LG-RW and a Samsung dvd Rom. i used nero image drive and now all the time i get to see an extra drive (labled DVD) along with the other two drives. even after uninstalling nero compleately. what should i do ...
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    Spam in yahoo account

    I need help to remove spams from my yahoo a/c . some of the spammers have been unscribed but some dosent have any such option or hardly have any message inside it. is ther any software to stop spamming ? if so please suggest me to remove this spams
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    1. create a circle and using the gradient tool with forground to transparent to paint it. Try several time to get a good shade on layer 1 2. Create layer 2 type any text or place any image and let it drop a shadow Blend mode : Normal Opacity : 70 % Angle : 86 Distance...
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    some one please help copy a vcd .I got the following error message while opening it. any software to recover this cd ? iam using a LG RW and a samsung DVD ROM this vcd works fine on a vcd player .
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    Connecting 2 monitor ----[URGENT]

    Guys i need urgent help i want to connect two monitor to work independently . what are the necessary stuff required.i have to do this on a celtron would 1.7 procesor is that possible ? Please help me urgently THx in advance
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    YOUNG TO OLD (Age progression Photoshop)

    Its Terrible to imagine yourself old and what abt ur fav celebs .See how u look in the old age, Try this tut Sample1 sample2 Sample3 This photoshop tutorial will show you how to add on the years to almost anybody. It's basically a practice using the Burn and Dodge tools...
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    best dvd ripper

    can some one point out a good dvd ripper that can convert it to diffrent formats
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    Stop loading an image on IE

    Is there any plugin or software to stop loading an image which can be used like "show picture" on right click ?
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    Image Troubles

    on some site its not possible to get an image by just typing down the url . or to move into another file like a .js or any other file. how the redirectio is done to the home page or error page insted ? can we over come this any trick , like an image grabber ?
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    YahooO cam security

    Is it possible to view some ones cam without their permission . can this be stopped ?
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    Morphing tutorial Photoshop (Fake faces Easy steps)

    Look at the images below...its sania mirza and Meera jasmine (personal fav's) Sania modified hair color still modified So here is how to make it Tools that comes handy... smudge tool. blur tool,color balance (ctrl+b), levels (ctrl+l),and ..... 1.Copy, paste...
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    Protect Photos on web from copying

    Is thre any script to disable print screen button and prevent the the image being added to the temp folders ? so that the mage can be protected ? any function on keydown , key press... etc ? any way image can be protected frmo right click, save as etc but the above mentioned ? :(
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    Dap turned dumb

    i am using dap still most of the times the downlaod starts with default win downlaoder. if at all some beign in dap the zip files witout extension and un usable later need to rename with a .zip or exe... here is some thing strange i saw.. have a look at the size of file.... i am...
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    Modified Long horn Aero Wallpaper , XP transparent logo

    Guys see what i came with. here is the modified longhorn aero bliss wallpaper and here is the logo witht he transparent Win XP logo i am not good at writing down the Steps i came through. i tried to upload the psd file but the size is 3 mb .no hope on this dial up connection but...
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    HI5.com secure ?

    I got an invitation from my friend a long back and now i get lots of messages from people who i never know ! it is also possible to see our contacts of outlook express, yahoo, hotmail and aol . do Hi 5 have any tie ups with the above mentioned sites.
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    Open corrupted WIN ZIP FILES

    I recently downlaoded themes wallpapers from themesxp.org and found that most of the files were corrupted . wht can i do to get the images from this zip files
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    Data base ! HELP

    Guys recently i updated 98 to xp . i was using a software (locally made) for accounting . i need to install office 2000 would the data base need to have any changes. i guess its an older version of access i used .
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    Long horn ,got my pc crushed

    Guys had a problem with longhorn . after installation i had to set my pc to a restore point i was using sp2 that time
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