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    Suggestion Box

    IPB and vB Costs a lot! Why don't you graciously buy Digit the license for them? P.S The dollar conversion rate is quite high!
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    [Preview + Feedback] Digit March 06

    I got my issue just today, late again, I guess.. But what I turned to read immediately was the Browser Wars.. I was long expecting a great comparison from Digit on this topic but you guys disappointed me lik heck.... It would have been better if you had made that the main topic, rated each...
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    Share Your Computer Jokes Here

    This is quite old dude 1) Netscape 4.7 and not Firefox or Opera?? Blatant ripping.. You need to credit the source though! 2) You know the difference between Java and Javascript? BTW Nice jokes but as someone said, do credit the source, they spent a lot of time making them up!
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    Search Engine Optimization Mistakes

    Nice tut, let me just ask a couple of things... Search Engine bots see only the HTML Code, so they see everything. Don't stuff keywords, instead use it in the right amount here and there, so it fits in with the content but makes you SEO rich as well! Most of the Search Engines don't...
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    Search Engine Optimization ~ Master Tutorial

    Thanks for all the comments guys, really encouraging..Planning to write some other tuts next! @Achako: Yes, this may apply to blogs upto a certain extent but for blogs "CONTENT IS KING" and no amount of SEO can ever replace that! Blogs do get good hits from Search Engines for the correct use...
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    antivirus confusion.

    Does'nt this thread belong in Software Troubleshooting?.. *Calls for a mod*
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    AMD Athlon 64 and Intel

    So, you guys are saying even though there is a 1Ghz, difference the performance is the same? Hmm...Interesting. Any reason as to why? Also, is there any Indian Hardware price compiling site?
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    AMD Athlon 64 and Intel

    No, this is not another of those AMD vs Intel threads, so don't start complaining to a mod already. As you see the best processor for a decent system at a decent cost now is AMD Athlon's 64 3200+, which comes @ 2.2 GHZ. While, Intel's neat and decent comes with Hyperthreading at 3.2 Ghz or so...
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    Auto Mp3-Tagging

    Thanks pal!! Definitely am downloading Godfather.. But some of my files don't have names properly, things like Track 1 and so on!! -- Retro
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    Auto Mp3-Tagging

    I have this huge ton of Mp3's on my system and the fact is that I have no idea what the heck 1/4th of them are. Morover, I am a Organization Freak and would like each song to be Tagged neatly and automatically by any software. My Question is, is there any extension for Winamp which lets you...
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    [Preview + Feedback] Digit January 2006

    I absolutely don't believe it. I got my Digit Magazine on the 5th which is an all-time record. go Digit! -- Retro
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    Linux Paid Distros

    I did a Google but the results were nothing I wanted, mostly stuff about Red Hat, Su Se and people accusing linux and so on. Thanks guys! -- Retro
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    Linux Paid Distros

    Hey, Could someone give me a quick list of the top Linux Paid Distros, I'm doing an article on them. A Link to their official sites would be cool as well! Thanks ~ Retro
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    Search Engine Optimization ~ Master Tutorial

    Thanks for the comments guys. You have seriously inspired me to write more tutorials. hpotter, please do give some credit, that's all I want. @Cybermanas - That Would be too good for me. But this is way too big. -- Retro
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    Search Engine Optimization ~ Master Tutorial

    Thanks for the comments. Also, I've edited the first post slightly after reading some of Deep's Comments. Please read only the parts where deep commented and tell if the changes make it sound better. -- Retro
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    Best Free Web Hosting Please...

    Hmm, Try http://mihopa.com or http://frihost.com. As for what Batty says of FH, it's no big deal posting on Frihost for sometime. And be careful of hosts who promise too much - -Retro
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    Search Engine Optimization ~ Master Tutorial

    Hmm...Deep, I just was reminded of this. My friend and myself were trying to make a simple PHP Script for just that. The script's working is quite simple, somewhat similar to the one you suggested. It needs no installing. It has a simple menu in which you can enter all the keywords for your...
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    Search Engine Optimization ~ Master Tutorial

    Thanks for the lovely suggestions there Deep, it's great to be reviewed by a profffesional!! Agreed. Valid HTML & CSS are not a must for SEO but still they have a good impact on the visitors, sites load faster please bots don't have to face any invalid coding like you know! About page...
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    Search Engine Optimization ~ Master Tutorial

    Search Engine Optimization -- Master Tutorial I have seen a lot of good tutorials about search engines and how to optimize your site to suit them, but very quite few of them are extensive, meaning they don't cover all the points needed, plus they are not 100% perfectly newbie-friendly...
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    AMD To Help India Develop Chip Ind

    India may finally enter the chip market with a little help from Advanced Micro Devices. Sunnyvale, Calif.-based AMD has signed a memorandum of understanding to allow SemIndia to license, process, manufacture and test AMD technologies for a fabrication facility it intends to build. Although...
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