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    Asus Monitor

    Does anybody have any idea where can i get asus vg236he or vg236h monitor ? Couldn't find in any store....
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    [Query] mdcomputers & primeabgb service

    Have anyone bought from these sites?how are there services.... Mdcomputers offer a very good price for every product..have anyone bought from them? What about service of primeabgb whle buying monitor?Do they replace it if the monitor come with dead pixels?
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    Power suply suggestion

    well i m going to build my new gaming rig...The specs are most probbaly i5-3570k & hd7950... Well i am confused between Corsair Gaming Series GS800 power supply & Corsair Enthusiast Series TX750 V2 SMPS. Which one will be better?
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    I am going to build a new gaming pc...now i am in a dilemma either to go for Asrock z77 prro4 or extreme3...which one is gonna be better option? m gonna nbuy a 3rd gen ivy bridge i5 processor..
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    Good 2.1 spekers...

    i want to buy a good 2.1 speakers with in rs6000. i will be using this mostly for music & movies & sometimes very little for gaming... pls suggest me a goodone... i found out sony srs D8 & corsair SP2200 2.1... which one will be better? u can also suggest a better option....
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