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    Future of mobile computing?

    obivo mobile is the future computing not for futre somewhat is today the change ahs been is started
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    Difference between Intel B75 & H77 Chipsets

    Both have got the same faeature slightly got differenate Rapid Storage Technology and Smart Response Technology.
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    ZTE Axon Launched

    Its multi feature but not as money worth so i didnt suggest to go for it
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    Fallout 4

    Not amazed nothing as beteer as per gamers thought could be much better
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    Does Xperia camera software use oversampling or data binning like PureView?

    No that tech is only used in the Pureview phones mainly 1020,1520 and 808 if you think 9mp will turns 13mp its not quite possible and it will done if you want to crop it can be done with the help of technology
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    NVIDIA PowerMizer Technology Question

    yes it is it will affect the screen resolution slightly in terms if the graphic otherwise CPU will not get affected on whike so relax and keep calm
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    Upcoming Samsung 6'' 4K Phone with 700+ ppi next August

    crazy for its screen resolution we can call it change in samsung and they need it despirately
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    gfx card and mobo pci slot mismatch

    Not to worry just upgrade your motherboard if you want to add graphic card which is quite essential
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    Dell Inspiron 14R/15R/17R Turbo Laptop Thread

    Both the stuff are awsome thumbs up but screen resoloution is missing it should be 1080p overall its great
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    GTA V coming soon!! Finally :D

    Holy **** this is news i am waiting for
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    Project CARS

    Holy crap its just awssome graphic i can it should be little more upgraded bur overall thumbs up
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    Games this month

    Sensation of the month Prototype 2 and FIFA check it out
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    Amaze vs Dzire

    Talking about feature and you love speed then you can go for Desire its best as per of its performance
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    All laptop related queries here!!!

    Dell OptiPlex SX280 this is best according to your configration and for beeter info if you want you can google it read the review and then go for the best .Price didnt got idea about it you you can check it out ................
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    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    Never see you again Catch Me If you Can The Green Mile You'v Got a Mail Philadelphia Sleepless in Seattle Saving Private Ryan Apollo 13 Here are the list of the some of the best movie you can go for that ................and as per of me 1st is best of all
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    Windows 10 get for FREE

    great news ....still awaiting for it its superb
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