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    Advice regarding purchase of DSLR

    My cousin is a photography enthusiast, and he has asked me for advice on buying his first DSLR. I've gone through various reviews on the Internet, and I'm considering a Nikon D5100 for him. A friend of mine is also willing to sell his D5100 to me for 30k ( with 18-55mm kit lens plus an UV...
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    Laptop within INR 50k

    So, my girlfriend's birthday is approaching and I'm gifting her a laptop. Please suggest an elegant and stylish laptop, with good performance and features. 1) What is your budget? INR 50,000 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? 14"-16", as desktop replacement...
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    Looking for the best mobile phone around 40k

    Hey everyone, Christman is just a month away, and I am looking forward to gift a good phone to my girlfriend :) My price range is 40k, +- 5k. Inquiring about it right now so that I can save enough money by the time Christmas arrives. I've nominated the following phones, after much research-...
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    Karbonn A21 dead

    I have a friend who has completely wiped his Karbonn A21's data out, trying to show off his rooting skills. He had successfully rooted his phone, but then he tried to change the icons of the OS using an app called Rom Toolkit Pro, but then his device displayed an error, and since then all apps...
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    Restoring to Windows 7 from Windows 8 using windows.old folder

    Well, I saw an article at Microsoft Support which says that it is possible to restore to a previous version of windows from a new version using the windows.old folder. The question I have is that will it retain the files, applications and settings? I had upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8...
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    A little help with upcoming debate please

    Hey guys, I have a debate on 3rd November, and the motion of the house is "It is better to be born rich than talented". Well, since we (our class) is participating in a debate for the first time, we've been told about the motion beforehand, so that we can prepare nicely. I am in the Opposition...
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    End of world or not?

    Do you want the world to come to an end?
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    Best laptop within 50k

    I'm planning to buy a laptop, and my budget is 50k. Can you please suggest tte best bang for the buck product under that price segment? 1) What is your budget? = INR 50,000 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? = Mainstream laptop, atleast 15" screen, and...
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    Accessing internet on mobile through PC

    I recently read an article stating that it was possible to utilize the PC's internet connection to access to internet through a S60 mobile, using mRouter, GNUbox and Bluetooth. But can anyone tell me if there is a valid method to do the same on a Nokia X2-02, which runs a different OS (I think...
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    Problems in running some games

    I have problems running some games like Borderlands, Hitman Contracts and Crisis 1 and 2 on my PC, but all these run fine on my Laptop. My laptop has the default Win 7 OS, but my PC has an upgraded 1 TB drive which was installed with Win 7 after the XP went bad. All the games' processes appear...
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    Image resizing

    Any good free software out there to resize an image, i.e. change the resolution of an image? Please suggest.
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    Restoring speed level in BSNL connection

    I got a new wired broadband connection from BSNL in March this year, after quitting the TATA Photon+ service(speeds were below 9kbps at Unlimited Plans). Speeds then obtained were about 70-80 kbps on torrent downloads. Websites loaded fast too. But recently (since June) the speeds started...
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    Best Free Video Editor and Convertor

    Can anyone tell me which is the best free video editor and converter out there?
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    Ghost Backup Image

    Last time I was performing backup, the pc unexpectedly shut down, while the backup process was incomplete. After booting, the incompletely backed image was taking 89GB space, so I deleted it. But again the next time I turned on my pc, it magically reappeared. Since then I tried deleting it...
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    Belle Hangs

    I thought the Belle update would solve the Symbian Anna hangs of Nokia 500, but after 3 months of the update, it has again started giving the same hang problems. Happens about once a week, while doing simple tasks as browsing or watching videos online. Same hang, and then screen goes dark pixel...
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    Bad Security Suite

    I recently purchased a BitDefender Total Security 2012. I successfully installed it but when I tired to run the program the system just froze and after a few minutes the screen went black. I restarted the pc but the system froze again in the "starting windows" screen. I booted into safe mode and...
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    BitDefender causing blackscreen error

    I recently bought a BitDefender Total Security 2012 after reading the Security Suite test in the april issue. After I installed the suite on my pc, i tried to start the program, but the pc froze, and after a few minutes the screen went black. I restarted the pc but the display went black again...
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