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    Opera 8 Beta Launched Includes Speech Commands

    Completely forgot to install it..Just now installed it. :) Superb! This browser only gets better and better. 8)
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    2004: The Year Of The Penguin

    Well,even in the year of Penguin MS's profit has gone past the expectations.. That speaks for itself. ;) However,nice to see open source movement is gaining momentum.:)
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    The Best Software of 2004

    Picasa,Winamp 5,Foobar,Opera and Mozilla Firefox.
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    G: ( Gdrive is here go graaaaaaab it )

    What if we already have G: ? ;) Anyway as Vinay says this has been already discussed before.
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    The Best P.C Game ever???

    Medal of Honor Allied Assault MaxPayne and Mafia in the same order. Loved every moment of it. :)
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    Opera 8 Beta Launched Includes Speech Commands

    Downloaded it..I don't think I will ever use Voice Commands.
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    Symphony with SNDREC32.EXE

    Linux lovers..keep listing.. :wink:
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    Doom 3 , Half life advised to be avoided!!

    Ratings are waste ..never been a criteria deciding a game..atleast for me Everyone has a decent enough brain to decide which game to play and which not to. :P And hey,if you don't play those games on the list,then what should we play?? As TheInquirer says bring back the ping pong! :) :?
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    u can find an alien (SETI@HOME PROJECT)

    Used such stuff long back..but not now. And hey MumbaiForum.Com,why are you Really Angry On Digit Forums??
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    Internet Explorer 6 vs Mozilla Firefox 1.0

    Opera gets my vote too.It's light and fast. :)
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    Has any1 completed their full life after playin the sequel??

    yeah..netcracker must be the first in India to download via Steam servers. :)
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    *****Winamp 5.06 out*****

    I don't see any difference btw the previous version and the latest one.,but then Winamp always rocks. @gx...eventhough that may be a recommended method,I never used to do it that way..I think no one does that way.
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    new virus alert

    I don't know why this thread has been moved to software section. :?
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    ShutDown your Computer Automatically

    Even more simpler way will be to download one of the utilities available to do the job..I use Switch off. :D
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    *****Winamp 5.06 out*****

    Why don't you wait few more months? Winamp 5.07 will be out.. :P
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    Windows uses 20% of your bandwidth! Get it back

    Thats a shocker.Jeba,I thought your PC runs on Linux. 8) :P
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    One Problem (to be solved)

    What happens on double clicking? And do you see the 'Autoplay' when you right click on the CD ROM Drive icon in My Computer?
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    Google Desktop Beta

    As the image says your post is best viewed drunk! :P :D I really wanted something of this kind.And I am happy with what is does. Interesting thing is that I have a 20 GB disk now imagine having 200 GB + disks. So I think itz really a cool tool. I will give Copernicus a try.:D :)
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    New New...... Opera

    Just checked my Opera's version. Its v7.60 b 7141. FYI,this was released more than a month before.
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    New New...... Opera

    Has this been officially released or just another Preview Edition?? I couldn't find the link to download in Opera's site.
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